March 22 is Diabetes Alert Day

Today, March 22nd, is “Diabetes Alert Day”. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) wants to remind people to ask their doctor for diabetes testing. 1 in 3 American Adults are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes especially if there is family history of the disease and a person is inactive. There is more to it then that, however. My diabetes was caused by a collapse in my endocrine system and I also have an aunt with diabetes. During my young life, I didn’t have very knowledgeable doctors. None of my medical complaints were taken seriously until I found a highly trained and professional OBGYN. Instead of treating symptoms as separate issues to be treated, she looked at the lab work as a whole and had me tested for Turners and diabetes. Maybe if I had been diagnosed as a teen with pre-diabetes, my diabetes now would be less severe.

Pre-diabetes is diagnosed by looking at either fasting blood glucose of 100-125 mg/dL or an HbA1c (3 month blood glucose average) of 5.7% to 6.4%. Diabetes is a progressive disease where cells either stop absorbing insulin (Type 2) or the body no longer produces insulin (Type 1). Pre-diabetes (one number apart from diabetes) will eventually become diabetes if you wait too long to take care of your body.

Every company has a Facebook page and Youtube channel. Even the company that makes my fast acting insulin, novalog is on Youtube. The sanofi aventis video news site.


American Diabetes Wholesale newsletter Health, News, and Tips “Diabetes Alert Day” by Marci Sloane, MS, RD, LD/N, CDE

ADA American Diabetes Association

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