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Announcing the 2013 Beat the Heat Staff of Asclepius Movie Awards

To relax during the hottest part of the day, I’ll watch a movie. This year everyone has the opportunity to vote on their favorite movie that features a disabled character. [Read more…]

Community Linkage

Every week there are new press releases, articles, information, and videos popping up concerning Paganism, spirituality, health, or disabilities. Community Linkage is a collection of useful information and sometimes entertainment for you. You can stay informed by adding me to one of your social circles on Google+ or follow me on Twitter. Interviewed by Pagan [Read More…]

Memorial Day Coloring Page with Sign Language for Children

Via the Deaf Education Hub on Facebook, a Memorial Day coloring page with sign language, for children. [Read more…]

Gonzo’s Do-It Yourself Enlightenment

Gonzo, the guru, offers advice on how to reach nirvana on your own without the expense of new age programs. [Read more…]

The Anthology Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul: Magic Practitioners Living with Disabilities, Addiction, and Illness

One purpose of this anthology is to help those struggling with a disability, injury, illness, or addiction find comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Some of the authors, like myself, turned to a magical practice as a way to find healing and the anthology included rituals and stories about healing. Covens, circles, temples or any other type of magical group can use it as a resource toward understanding members or potential members with disabilities. [Read more…]

When Disabilities Take on Symbolic Shapes

It isn’t uncommon for those of us with disabilities to dream about them. They take on a symbolic shape that expresses how they make us feel. My husband had a dream last night where he was sitting at a large conference table. He was in every seat. In each of those seats was himself at [Read More…]

Hestia at Home and Work

None of us would be alive without food. It isn’t surprising then that the Greeks included a goddess of the hearth and eating at home and at public gatherings. She was so important to them that a portion of each Deity’s offerings at the temples went to her first. [Read more…]