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Cave from

I have a chronic disease called Turners Mosaic. This means that I have an x chromosome and part of one in most of my cells. This caused a collapse of my endocrine system. I suffer from depression when I think about how ill I am. Sometimes I even have pain because of my morphia, which is the thickening and tenderness of my skin. I take a daily shot to even out my blood sugar and that causes pain. But through all of my suffering the hardest part is being a survivor of sexual and verbal abuse. It broke me. My spirit was shattered until years ago a spirit guide led me to a cave in the other world. I wasn’t instantly fixed but it was a positive step toward healing.

The Cave of Trials

Many, many things can happen in the Cave of Trials. This ritual is just one example. Perform the ritual expecting surprises that don’t go exactly as written. The reason lots of questions are asked during the visualization is so you will be aware of the situation and so you can have your own unique experience. The questions mean the adventure is open to interpretation.
Items needed:
Quiet room
Green candle
Sage bundle
Cakes (food)
Ale (drink)
Prepare your space by making a comfortable place to sit or move around. Darken the room as much as you can.
Light the candle and the sage.
Move your hands through the sage smoke. Let the smell relax you. Let your worries drift away with the smoke.
Perform the Flowing Meditation
Casting the Sphere/Circle:
Twirl your body, or move your hands as you imagine the energy swirly gently around you in a protective light, flowing over you, under you until it creates a sphere.

When you are ready say:
“The circle is cast.
I stand in a place that is not a place,
in a time that is not a time.
I see the swirling of nights and days
and feel the power of word and rhyme.
As above, so below.
As the mind, so the soul.
As without, so within.”
Know that you are safe and protected.
Awareness of the Elements:
Spirit of Earth
The Spirit of Earth offers fertility, prosperity, abundance, stability. The Spirit of Earth can be visualized as golden fields of wheat. Caves that offer shelter or sacred initiation. Trees. Tor stones.
Visualize earth. Ask it in your own way to share its qualities with you. When you are ready say,
“Hail and welcome.”
Spirit of Air
The Spirit of Air offers inspiration, knowledge, clarity of vision. The Spirit of Air can be winds of change, art, song. It can be imagined at clouds, kites, butterflies, birds.
Visualize air. Ask it your own way to share its qualities with you. When you are ready say,
“Hail and welcome.”
Spirit of Fire
This essence offers courage, strength, action, motivation.
Visualize fire. Ask it your own way to share its qualities with you. When you are ready say,
“Hail and welcome.”
Spirit of Water
This essence offers healing, cleansing, creation, balanced emotion.
Visualize water. Ask it your own way to share its qualities with you. When you are ready say,
“Hail and welcome.”
Guides/Ancestors and Spirit of Creation:
The words are a generalization. Feel free to add specific names of guides you may already know or relatives who have passed on you feel comfortable with.
“My guides and ancestors, I ask that you meet me on this quest and journey with me to the spirit realm. Spirit of Creation I ask that you meet me as an owl – to grant me tools, gifts to help me along my path.”
Visualizing the Journey:
Blades of grass spring up from the floor around you.
Vines sprout and climb the wall.
The walls disappear. Your room fades from view.
You are safe.
A gentle flower scented breeze tickles your nose and brushes across your hair.
13 young trees push up from the earth and grow into massive redwood grove.
The air is sweet and moist with the evergreen scent.
You see a tree take form. It’s an ancient oak.
The world tree. The connection between this world and the next.
The air changes. It becomes pungent, earthy. Hollow sounding.
The wind came from a cave. There behind the tree.
Something inside, calls to you.
Image the gift the Owl gave you.
Walk out of the grove to the mouth of the cave.
There are symbols on the cave. They were carved there for you. Look at them carefully. Remember them.
You enter the cave. Rocks crunch under your feet. The air is cool.
Torches light up along the walls.
Be cautious. Always protect yourself. Remember that you are not alone or defenseless. You have many guides willing to help you. Do your guides seem distant? Then this is something you have to experience on your own or they are waiting patiently, watching over you.
A voice calls out to you.
What does it say?
Does a figure appear from the shadows? Is it human? An animal?
Do they challenge you? Saying you can’t have what’s in the cave? Or do they let you pass easily.
Will you proceed? You can do it!
After you make it past the guardian you follow a passage.
Twisting and turning you come to a chamber with something glittering in the center.
You approach it. There is a broken object.
You touch the pieces. They feel familiar. Warm. They belong to you!
Each one is an event. A time when you were hurt emotionally or physically. They are pieces you have lost. As you hold the pieces in your hand they glow. The object reforms.
It glows! Becomes energy and is absorbed into you.
Maybe there is some sadness. Allow yourself to feel this.
Warmth flows over you. It is love. Love for yourself.
Stay until you feel it is time to go.
As you leave the cave, you feel stronger. Whole. Loved.
You return to the sacred grove.
Know that you can return to this grove anytime you wish.
When you are ready to go … visualize your room. Allow the grove to fade.
Ground and center.
Thank the Spirit of Creation, your guides, and the elements in turn.
Uncast the circle.
Take time to move around relax. Right down your experience and symbols for future review.
Eat and drink to help you return to the physical world.

May you be blessed,

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