The online Pagan world is more than just blogs and Facebook. There’s actually a “Pagan Media” now and we are expressing ourselves and our spirituality in new and exciting ways. Read more

Some holidays are just impossible to escape from. Celebrating Easter doesn’t make anyone less of a Pagan, sometimes it’s just something expected of you. Along with religious obligations there are sometimes family obligations too. Read more

Two weeks, two festivals. A little bit about ConVocation and PantheaCon, along with what I’ll be rambling about. Read more

My gods are both gay and straight, and everything in between. Their understanding is not limited to just one aspect of sexuality. My gods are powerful because they are inclusive. Read more

Are the producers of “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” insulting Modern Witches, or just simply using another definition of the word witch? Are Witch and Wiccan synonyms? Can I ask some more questions here? Read more

Why the antagonism? Let’s not forget that people outside of our own faith tradition are often fighting the same battles we are. Besides, none of us have a stranglehold on the truth. Read more

Imbolc Rituals on Super Bowl Sunday? Why do so many Pagans seem unaware of the Super Bowl? Could it be a giant case of Pagan Disconnect? Read more

Is it possible to find the sacred at AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo? Probably not, but it’s still a good way to waste a few hours. Pictures, and the occasional insight on America’s biggest adult fan fest. Read more

This was the first public ritual (outside of festival) that I wrote and presented for public consumption out here in Northern California. Be warned, this is not an Imbolc Ritual for the Midwest, but it might work in the Southeast or other places that are green and rainy this time of year. Read more

(This post originally appeared on Agora back in February of 2012; it was my first post on Patheos. I always liked this particular piece and felt as if I had abandoned it by not moving it over to RtH. It’s not exactly the same post, I did some editing and added a few things, but nothing major, so if you’ve read it before you may not want to bother. Cheers! -jason) I’ve always found Imbolc to be a rather confusing… Read more

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