In Defense of Llewellyn

I came across something yesterday that went after Pagan Publishing for only putting “101” type books into the marketplace. As such commentaries do, the writer ended up taking a swipe at one particular publisher: “Publishers like Llewellyn have a place, they are there for the beginners and complete newbies . . ” Criticism of Llewellyn is nothing new in the Pagan Community. Being the largest “Metaphysical/New Age” publisher in the United States they are always going to be under a... Read more

My Essential Pagan Reading

My piece on Paul Huson’s Mastering Witchcraft opened with some comments on the Huffington Post Essential Pagan Reading list. That prompted Peg Aloi over at the Witching Hour to ask me for my essential Pagan Reading List. I’m always wary of lists like this. You’ll never please everyone, and even if you try some old crank like myself will complain that you overdid it. (Which was essentially my problem with the HuffPo list since it contained 29 books.) I’ve divided... Read more

Strange Days: T. Rexstacy and Marc Bolan of T. Rex

(I’ve always been fascinated by the occult overtones of Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal. Generally, the occult trappings in rock are nothing more than window dressing, but they can still be worth exploring. Strange Days is a series chronicling the truth about the occult and Paganism in rock. Future articles will include looks at The Doors and Jethro Tull.) Long ago in the far far away known as the 1980’s there used to be music videos on cable (and... Read more

Gateways to Paganism: Paul Huson’s “Mastering Witchcraft”

(Pagans don’t proselytize, and the majority of us don’t have Pagan parents; as a result, people come to Modern Paganism through various means. For many of us, books, movies, and music provided the impetus to walk the Pagan Path. Gateways to Paganism is one guy’s attempt to document some of the things that have led various people to Paganism, and why those things had that effect.) Several months ago I was part of a Facebook discussion pertaining to what books... Read more

Samhain in August

There’s something extremely unsettling about writing a Samhain Ritual in August. It would be easy to attribute that feeling to the weather; it certainly doesn’t feel like Autumn out here, but climate has very little to do with it. I think my unease comes from “living” with this ritual since the start of early February. After attending an Imbolc Ritual my wife and I put together, one of my friends asked me if I would lead his* group’s Samhain Ritual.... Read more

Always with One Foot in the Broom Closet

I managed a coffee shop for nearly ten years when I lived in Michigan. While most of us think of coffee shops as small slices of bohemia, the one I worked at was quite different. We were right next door to the Michigan House of Representatives, and even when the Democrats were in the governor’s chair there was a decidedly conservative bent to neighborhood. The store was also owned by two conservative Evangelical Christians. It was a strange mix of... Read more

Faces of the Horned God: Herne the Hunter

A friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in circling with him and his coven at a festival I was attending many moons ago. I waffled, but then he mentioned that he’d be calling down the god Herne. Herne and I had never been especially close, but he’s an antlered god, of course I was in! Since the ritual was in a tradition outside of my own I was little uncomfortable at first, but I get settled... Read more

Finding The God

When I first set out on the Pagan Path I found rapture in the Goddess. She was all and everything, and my worship of Her was all encompassing. While the books I was reading at the time made reference to “The God,” I was mostly oblivious to Him. My prayers at night were dedicated to “The Triple Goddess” and when I heard a voice upon the wind it always belonged to Her. I don’t think such early experiences are unique.... Read more

Why I Can’t Quite Reject Jesus

I had originally planned to write about the god Pan today, and then I read Star Foster’s I Reject Jesus Christ column. I love Star as a writer (and person); she’s feisty, opinionated, and never scared to piss anyone off. Those are all qualities that I admire, yet don’t have the ability to emulate. I’m not someone who likes to piss people off, I always try to write with a sympathetic tone, even while writing about something I disagree with.... Read more

My Religion is Just as Fake as Yours

I’m pretty easy going when it comes to other faiths. I’m not a Christian basher, and with a few exceptions I tend to think of everyone’s religious experiences as valid. I think the Christian Church has probably done more good than bad during the last 1600 years, and I didn’t become a Pagan because I had some sort of falling out with Jesus. I’m not a rabid believer in inter-faith work, though I have done some. I don’t think I’m... Read more