Romney Lip Reading… holy cow!

Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary this weekend, which makes the primary season a little more interesting. This is now a two-man race, and one which defies all of the norms of party politics going back to 1972, when the current form of choosing a candidate was instituted. Here’s an interesting article on what’s happening.

I would have never thought it possible that Gingrich could make a serious run at the White House. Although I’m not sure who will end up the republican candidate, the smart money is still on Mitt Romney. That being the case, I wanted to try and explore Romney’s ideas in order to understand where he’s coming from. Apparently his big idea is to “stuff the ice chest.”

If you don’t know what that means yet, you’ve got to watch this video. I sincerely hope that the folks who put this video together never have cause to pull footage of me & work me over this way. There is some serious creativity, imagination, and skill going on here… completely misapplied? Maybe… I’m still laughing.

My favorite lines are: “Forget prison – I’m a party rapper, that’s how I am.” And, “I’m a gremlin, I’m leaving the party. I want everyone to stuff the ice chest.”

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