Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I am officially on vacation for the next few weeks – really more of a stay-cation, which is not my favorite. I confess that I’ll be doing projects around the house for most of the three weeks, starting with a new study room for the boys. I further confess that this will be somewhat of a working vacation – as there are just things I need to stay on top of. Nevertheless, vacation means lots of time w/my family, so I’m feeling blessed today.

I confess that I nearly always listen to educational tv while I work around the house. I usually pick some sort of long television miniseries from the history channel  that will last for much of the project. Last year when gave our living room a makeover, I watched the entire Revolutionary War miniseries from the History Channel. Edward Herrmann is one of the best narrators ever. I confess that this year, it will probably by Ken Burn’s “The Civil War,” and perhaps “The West,” both of which are on Netflix for free. Books on tape are great as well.

I confess that I don’t like Veggie Tales. My kids love it and it annoys me. I would never listen to it while working around the house.

I confess that I love watching NASCAR, even though this fits with no other part of my life. It’s a complete flier, but I can’t help it. I’m all about the speed.

I confess that I love taking naps on Sunday afternoon, but they have become problematic. If I take a nap during the day, I struggle getting to sleep that night. Then on Monday morning I’m tired from having stayed up too late. I’m considering putting a moratorium on all naps until I figure a way out of the conundrum.

I confess that I’m still reading Bethge’s biography of Bonhoeffer. I read quite a bit from it last week and I”m still only 300 pages in (900 pages total). It’s a mother long book, but completely enjoyable.

I confess that at the beginning of the summer, I decided to try and keep our grass alive this year. Actually what I wanted to do was grow a garden, but decided if I could keep the grass alive for the whole summer this year, then I’d let myself plant a garden next year. Who knew it was going to be a phenomenal heat wave and drought year. So far so good, but now there’s a water ration in JoCo. I confess that this could get tricky.

I confess that the Suttle family is in a car-quandry right now. Our 2003 mini-van w/140k miles on it needs about $3,000 work of work done. The van is only worth about $5k. Do we sell it & get another used one? That’s about a $15,000 hit, instead of a $3,000 hit to fix it. Is it really worth fixing, or will it nickel and dime us to death for two more years when we have to sell it again. I hate this stage in car ownership & it’s happened with nearly ever car I’ve ever had.

I confess that our church baptism yesterday was my favorite one ever. I’m so glad to be a part of Redemption Church.

I made my confession – you make yours!

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  • Jodi B

    I confess that we leave for Florida tomorrow morning and I’m already dreading the beach photos that haven’t even been taken yet. I confess this means I will making exercise and diet changes as soon as we return.

  • Elijah Heintzelman

    I confess that i am terrified of death. I confess that i don’t fear my own death, but the death of others. In fact, the thought of me being able to leave this world and go to heaven actually excites me. I confess that this recent fear of death started a couple months ago, when i realized that my grandma is 60. I know that 60 is still not very old, but i was hit by the realization that i may not have her for much longer.i confess that i should be happy that she is hear now, but it has never been in my personality to look on the bright side of things. I confess that although i am incredibly thankful for the personality i was given, i hate that i am always so pessimistic.

  • Chris

    I confess that I believe the cliche, “better late than never”, ergo my Monday Morning Confessional on Wednesday evening.

    I confess that I judge people. I don’t want to judge people but sometimes it just sneaks in. I hear someone confess something and no matter how hard I try not to judge, I find myself thinking less of them. Currently I am judging those that don’t like Veggie Tails. I simply don’t understand those people.

    I confess that I am in very introspective place right now. It’s kind of freaking me out. I’m realizing that I no longer know my place. The primary revelation that is feeding this discomfort is that I am no longer “the rebel”. For the last 20 years of “Christian living” I have been in churches with whom I never really agreed. I valued them as my church family and served passionately with them, but I’ve always been the guy going against the grain. I’ve been the guy that doesn’t tote the party line; the guy that says “we’ve got this all wrong, we’re missing the point”. Don’t get me wrong, I stayed firmly in their camp, but as a rebel. I have now, pretty thoroughly left that camp. I certainly haven’t abandoned friendships, but I no longer worship with or serve alongside these people. In my current church, I find myself generally agreeing with the people, direction, philosophy, and heart of the church. Though I don’t agree 100%, of course, I am no longer the rebel. Because of this, I no longer know how to function. I’ve decided that a role, even an unhealthy one, can be comfortable.

    I confess that I am going away with my wife for a week, next week. I can not express how excited I am. We are going to Colorado where I am convinced God lives. I confess I have way too much to do before we leave. This is stealing some of my excitement. I am also nervous about leaving my children for that long. They will be in good hands, but I worry. I am also nervous that we may not have enough to talk about to fill a solid week together. Though we talk all the time, we haven’t had a solid week alone in 20 years. Despite all these worries, I am stoked!

    Today, I had to do the worst thing that I ever had to do at work. I had to evict a tenant. I have had to evict tenants before, but once the court sent the letter telling them they needed to leave, they left. This time however, they stayed. The sheriff showed up and me and my employees had to remove everything that this family owned from the premises while they stood aside and watched and made desperate phone calls in hopes of finding a place to live. Basically, we were making them homeless. To make matters worse, the owner of the property called in the midst of this and asked in a snide voice if we got her the out and when we thought we could start the rehab on the property. I have never been a part of something so dehumanizing. Fortunately, by the time we had the house empty, she had found a temporary place to live and my guys and I were able to volunteer to drive her stuff to her new place since she had no truck and we had three sitting right in front of the house. I also had a chance to be proud of my sons and employees because they were as gentle and humble as I could have hoped they might be in this situation. My sons confessed to feeling as sick about the whole thing as I felt. All in all I felt like I was one of the bad guys and I didn’t like it.

    I confess that I’m having an absolute ball with the kids I’ve been spending time with at the camp my church is hosting. Kids are great. It is so easy to make them happy. When you pour a little encouragement on them it’s like waitching one of those flowers on the nature channel bloom under time lapsed photography. Kids absolutely bloom, right in front of your eyes.

    I confess that too often I feel like an outsider looking in. In the face of a world loaded with real problems like evictions, these feelings make me feel petty, but there it is.