Monday Morning Confessional: I make my confession – come make yours.

I confess that I’m very late in writing the Monday Morning Confessional this week. I confess that I’ve been very lax about blogging lately because I’ve been focusing on a writing project, and some behind the scene developments with Paperback Theology – both of which have taken up all of my spare time. I hope to have some news about that soon.

I confess that I’m sad to hear that Andy Griffith has died – I loved the Andy Griffith show. I confess that I think I’ve seen every single episode of the Andy Griffith Show, and not a single episode of Matlock. I confess that I got to meet Andy Griffith in 1997 at the GMA convention mixer. He he was doing publicity for his gospel album and seemed a little bit cranky to have to be there in the first place. There were several of us standing around him at the time and he told a dirty joke – it was awesome.

I confess that I finally had to switch to running in the mornings, and it’s not going very well. I was able┬áto crank the mileage back up to 5-6 miles a day, but I have not had much energy. I confess that I’m not a morning person, especially when it comes to exercise. Early morning conversation – especially w/caffeine involved – and I’m in… running? Not so much. I confess that I’m old enough to feel awful creaky and sore when I first wake up. I can’t wait till fall when I can get back to running at the end of the day.

I confess that I’ve been very disappointed in the way many of my Christian friends have responded to the Supreme Court decisions about immigration and the Affordable Care Act. I confess that we don’t know how to talk about politics as Christians.

I confess that Public Jesus is finally available. More on that in the coming days.

I made my confession, you make yours!

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  • Sonnet Conover

    I confess that public speaking makes me very nervous. So please don’t judge too harshly.

    I confess that Drop Dead Diva is my guiltiest of TV pleasures. I’m also super stoked for the new season of Big Brother. Normally I hate reality shows that vote people off based on personality, but for some reason I love this show anyway. Bring on the ridiculousness!

    I confess that my number 1 goal this summer was to download my Rosetta Stone Spanish and get crackin and I have not even taken it out of the box. Iy yi yi!