Here’s What William Cavanaugh had to say about Public Jesus

When I read Torture and Eucharist by William Cavanaugh, it was a profound experience. I had not come anywhere close to understanding how central the Eucharistic life must be to the believer and the life of the church. His retelling of the horrors of the Pinochet regime and the essential nature of an embodied faith. Last week I wrote a blog post about books that every Christian should read. I think Torture and Eucharist should be required reading for each and every seminary student. Bill Cavanaugh has a major league mind and he’s one of the most important Catholic theologians living today, one of the greatest American theologians as well.

When I finished Public Jesus, I wanted Dr. Cavanaugh to read the book because I felt like his voice was in the back of my mind often while I was writing it. Here’s his endorsement. Thank you Dr. Cavanaugh!

“This wise book is a practical reflection on what God is doing in the world, starting with creation.  In concrete discussions of work and play, politics and economics, Tim Suttle shows how we are here to live our common life together in such a way that we allow God to happen in the spaces between people, both friends and strangers.  This is a great book for anyone who intuits that Christians need to bring Christ out in the world, but does not think that voting either Republican or Democratic is the way to do it.” – William Cavanaugh, Professor of Catholic Studies and Political Theology at DePaul University, author of Torture and Eucharist, and The Myth of Religious Violence.

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