Monday Morning Confessional

Monday Morning Confessional May 13, 2013

I confess that I am not super excited to write  a confession this morning. I confess that every confession I can think of to write down just sounds whiny – so I’ve been using delete a lot for the last 30 minutes trying for something interesting to say. It’s not really working so I’m going to keep it short today.

I confess that I am an outstanding maker of brownie sundaes. The key is you have to heat the brownie – 30 seconds in the microwave ought to do it. Then you have to put the ice cream (vanilla only – no exceptions), directly on top of the hot brownie, not beside the brownie, or half on/half off the brownie, it has to be directly on top of the brownie so that the ice cream gets all melty. The melty ice cream is the key to a good brownie sundae. Melted ice cream becomes cloying. Melting ice cream is ambrosia. Then you cover the whole thing with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Be generous with the syrup – and don’t substitute hot fudge or a knock-off brand… not the same.

I confess that I finished the book over which I was obsessing (C.S. Lewis Biography), and cannot get up for any of the books that are sitting on my desk right now. I’m staring at The Power of Habit, and How right now, and although I’m totally interested in each of them, I can’t pull the trigger. I’ve already started The War of Art, and could probably knock that out today but am feeling unmotivated to do so (which is ironic).

I confess that my wife and I saw The Great Gatsby with friends on Saturday. I confess that we did not know it was going to be 3D, but I’m actually glad that it was. I’m confess that I’m kind of into the 3D phenomenon. Ever since the final Harry Potter movie, which was amazing in 3D, I’ve been on board. Other than feeling a little awkward wearing over-sized hipster glasses while staring at an enormous screen, the difference it makes to my brain is pretty amazing. I thought Gatsby was an impressive film, but the whole time I watched it I kept thinking “This is so much like Moulin Rouge.” (I had not done any research before watching the film). Baz Luhrmann directed both of them. I confess that he has a way of saturating his films with color & this exotic energy that is quite unique; presenting them in a strange, eerie  largeness that makes me feel like I’m about to fall over. He’s got you halfway to where he wants you to be just with the colors. Add the texture that comes with 3D and his ability to involve the soundtrack and you are talking about a pretty unusual experience.

Okay friends, that’s my confession for today. Feel free to make yours below! -ts

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  • I confess that I am grading tests, book-reports, and other essays as slowly as possible in order to complete them before the deadline… I confess, nevertheless, that I still trust that procrastination is my friend — a sign that I really do have more important things to do… Glory be to God for all things! 🙂