Palm Sunday, Power, and Stanley Hauerwas

“The movement that Jesus begins is constituted by people who believe that they have all the time in the world, made possible by God’s patience, to challenge the world’s impatient violence by cross and resurrection.” – Stanley Hauerwas

As we set ourselves toward Palm Sunday, I’m reminded of what incredible patience it takes to follow the one who rode into town on a donkey with tears in his eyes, weeping over a people who were complete confused about the true nature of power. The Roman army was based on power and speed and violence. It would take great faith and patience to believe that the true power was riding into down through the sheep gate as the lamb of God ready to bear all the sin and brokenness the world had to offer.

One way or another, Christian discipleship must be about choosing to live in the way of the Messiah… the man on the donkey, over and against the way of Roman power and its theology of violence.

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