Church Lady Came Back To SNL w/Special Guests: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

SNL.001The church lady came back to SNL with guest appearances by Ted Cruz and Donald Trump… if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s totally worth watching. Here’s the clip & a few of my favorite lines:

CL: “We’ve landed on the exciting presidential matchup between a godless liberal democrat and Hillary Clinton.”

CL to TC: “Was it God’s plan for you to get humilated by an orange mannequin?”

CL: “Our final guest today is the presumptive republican divorcée – I mean nominee…”

DT: “Honestly I love all the books in the bible, I do. They’re all terrific. Corinthians Part Duex, Book of Revelations, 2 Genesis 2 Furious, which says, and I quote, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself, and like a good neighbor State Farm is there.’ And always keep the Sabbath uuuge! … that’s Moses. Oh, and the part where Jon Snow comes back to life. That’s great bible!”

CL: “I remember a Celebrity Apprentice episode where Gary Busey didn’t sell enough pancakes and you just said, ‘You’re fired.’ And I thought right then and there: give this man the nuke-ular codes.”

TC: “I am no longer Ted Cruz. I am Bermodulus [sic] lord of shadows.”
DT: “Are you sure you aren’t lord of the weak chins?… You’re the first guy who got possessed and looks better.”

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  • scott stone

    I think I’m going to get all my election coverage info from SNL this year. Good comedy will be the only cure for despair.