Did Back to the Future Really Predict 9/11?

Via YouTube (Fair use)
All the evidence you need. (via YouTube)

I know we’re a day late, because the future was yesterday, but I did just watch this “Back to the Future Predicts 9/11” video.

I fancy myself somewhat of a skeptic, but I think I’m sold. Not really, but maybe Zemeckis heard about this theory and put Joseph Gordon Leavitt in the same outfit as Marty McFly just to add fuel to the fire. That’s my best guess.

Also, in case you’re confused about the whole 2001: A Space Odyssey  monolith thing, this video breaks that down rather well.

Even if I don’t buy this hokey mystical prophecy stuff, I find it nevertheless fascinating. The idea of a collective consciousness breaking through a sort of quantum portal to influence artists in the decades leading up to 9/11 is pretty cool, but just too new-agey for me to take seriously. Unless Carl Jung said something about archetypes being established backward through time. Or, humans just can’t help themselves from finding recognizable patterns in art. Nah, must be consciousness portals. Or aliens?

Anyone have any other theories?

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