Here’s something new: Genesis is in “crisis” and if you don’t see that you’re “syncretistic”

Another “crisis” article on Christianity and evolution, this by the ever balanced and ever ready to learn from and build bridges toward fellow believers, Grace to You ministries. The article is its own refutation. When N. T. Wright, Tim Keller, and Bruce Waltke are your Stygian Triplets, you know you’ve passed into some parallel universe. This is [Read More...]

preeeetty sure my version of Christianity is right and yours is wrong

Here is an cartoon that came my way yesterday. I’m sure many of you have seen it (you may have to click on it to see it well). It’s funny ’cause it’s true. I’ve known a fair number of Christians who think this way about their own denomination, no matter how small–in fact, the smaller the denomination, the [Read More...]

reviewing two reviews of “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” (3)

The recently released documentary “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” attempts to redirect the modern scholarly discussion of the historicity of the exodus by revealing evidence that mainstream scholars “don’t want the world to see–because it could cause them to shift their long-held positions.” The stated justification for the film, however, is not so much scholarly as it [Read More...]

“Patterns of Evidence” and patterns of culture-war rhetoric: (2)

Today’s post is the second of three on the recently released documentary “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.” As I said in my first post, the concern I have is with the culture-war rhetoric the documentary seems to promote concerning the historical reliability of the exodus story. Below is the rationale for making this documentary taken from the film’s website. Stated are: The Problem, [Read More...]

First of all, there is no conspiracy. A review of “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” (1)

I’ve been asked a few times in recent weeks if I would comment on the recently released documentary Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.   I wasn’t able to see the film, since it has not been widely released, but I perused the film’s website, watched trailers, and read reactions. It struck me rather quickly that the film would likely [Read More...]

PSA: Planet Fitness? Planet Stress is more like it

I joined Planet Fitness a few weeks ago in order to–if I may channel Woody Allen–gain immortality “by not dying” rather than through my “art,” which is writing books about God and the Bible that will only be appreciated long after I’m gone. So far so good (on both fronts), and the time also gives me [Read More...]

frank talk for Christians about sex, love, marriage, and all the rest (happy Valentine’s Day)

Today’s post–just in time for the grand Hallmark holiday of them all–is a commentary concerning young Christians and the need to speak about sex, sexuality, love, and marriage in ways that move beyond “fear, ignorance, and moralism,” as our guest blogger Dr. Margaret Kim Peterson puts it. Peterson is Associate Professor of Theology at Eastern University in [Read More...]

has science vindicated those nasty Samaritans? looks like it.

I knew I should have paid more attention to biology class in high school. “You never know,” mom said. “One day you might grow up to be a biblical scholar, and someone might publish a scientific paper that intersects with your own field and you might want to be able to understand it.” How right [Read More...]

my thoughts about thinking about violence in the Bible: a counterpoint

Several days ago over at OnFaith, John Dickson posted “4 Responses to the Problem of Violence in the Bible.” I respect Dickson and his work a lot. I also think his thoughts in this piece are constructive and will be helpful to many readers. Dickson’s post responds specifically to Richard Dawkins’s charge that the Canaanite extermination in the book of [Read More...]

brief Bible thought: is there resurrection from the dead in the Old Testament?

Is there resurrection from the dead in the Old Testament? No. Not really. Well, sort of. O.K., yes, but it depends on how you look at it. Resurrection is pretty central to the New Testament, in case you haven’t noticed. Yet searching for that kind of resurrection it in the Old Testament makes you come up basically [Read More...]

we talk about God too much (what with the internet and our iPhones and all)

I’m not sure where this came from. Maybe when I was buttoning my shirt this morning, on the way to teach an adult class at a local church–another among countless other classes where I am, once again, going to talk about God. God must be bored out of his mind. We have a lot of free time [Read More...]

new podcast interview at Back to Red featuring me talking about me and what I think (and go Yankees)

On Monday I had the the good pleasure and fun of being interviewed by the fine people at Back to Red, a new podcast hosted by Tim Ivey and Eric Nobrega (Nobe). We talked for an hour or so about The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It–both [Read More...]