A Sunday Funnies Preview: I Love Cats, the Musical!

[Update: Yes, I realize this video may be fake.  But it’s hilarious regardless, and the second video even more so.]

I only recently began posting on weekends, with The Week in Lists on Saturdays and Sunday Funnies on, well, Sundays.  I try to post selections, too, from pieces I’ve written elsewhere.  So if you’ve never checked in to Philosophical Fragments on the weekends, please give it a try.

I thought I’d give you a teaser of the Sunday Funnies this week.  Here’s the #1 item in my Sunday Funnies list:

1.  “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.”  This woman submitted a video bio for E-Harmony in which she was absolutely overcome with her love for cats.  If you want to listen to the original, it’s below, but I think you can see the hilarity too if you just jump ahead to the musical version.  Here’s the original:

I’m guessing that wouldn’t have been the most successful video bid for dates.  But you never know; some guy might find it adorable.  And he might love cats as much.  In fact, apparently a fellow cat-lover decided to make sweet music of her feline love:

At least we know now how those old ladies end up with 47 cats in their homes.  (HT Eric Teetsel)

Check back Sunday for more funnies.

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  • I read about this. She is an aspiring actress/comedian, and isn’t really cat-crazy. She is doing a bit.

    • Timothy Dalrymple

      She’s great.