Word to the Wise

Traveling with a baby can be tough.  Bring plenty of things to occupy your little darling’s attention.  Be prepared to endure the scorn of others if your child cries, and store up some mental fortitude for the descent, when little ears are wont to pop.

One thing you should not do?  Stuff your baby in your carry-on luggage and try to pass it through the x-ray machine.

About Timothy Dalrymple

Timothy Dalrymple was raised in non-denominational evangelical congregations in California. The son and grandson of ministers, as a young boy he spent far too many hours each night staring at the ceiling and pondering the afterlife.
In all his work he seeks a better understanding of why people do, and do not, come to faith, and researches and teaches in religion and science, faith and reason, theology and philosophy, the origins of atheism, Christology, and the religious transformations of suffering