Why Linus Preaches the Gospel on National Television Every Year

I haven’t been able to post as frequently over the holidays, but hope to return to regular posting next week.  In the meantime, I can continue to point toward some of the most interesting content elsewhere.  Here is Joel J. Miller:

“This was the first Charlie Brown TV special. It could have been the last. It would have been very easy, even understandable, for Schulz to pull the scene to keep CBS and his own team happy. But he decided it was crucial to the story, and so it stayed in despite weighty and valid concerns from important people.

Thank goodness. Not only is A Charlie Brown Christmas one of the most popular holiday specials ever, winning at the time both an Emmy and a Peabody, but little Linus has now preached the gospel on national TV every year since, thanks to the extraordinarily ordinary courage of a newspaper cartoonist.”

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