The Good of Believing In God

Atheism might be in vogue, but it — for sure — hasn’t helped history as much as Christianity.  Believing in God is not only among the most reasonable ideas in history; it is among its most helpful. It is all too easy to look around the modern world and conclude that there is no place [Read More…]

What I Am Not Thankful For

From Johnnie Moore: America’s view of its own elected Congress has declined so dramatically that now, according to one poll, Americans prefer hemorrhoids, fungus, jury duty, dog feces and potholes over congress. Even the IRS and the DMV had higher approval ratings (I am not making this up!). Congress only had an edge on serial-killer Charles Manson, Russia’s Vladimir [Read More…]

Are Our Smartphones Killing Us?

This is the second post at Philosophical Fragments from my friend Johnnie Moore, the young vice president at Liberty University: * Recently, and for no apparent reason, a man gunned down a random college student in the middle of a crowded rail car in San Francisco. You know what’s even more unsettling? There were no [Read More…]

Can Billy Graham Bring Hope to Millennials?

I’m really proud to present the first piece here from my friend Johnnie Moore.  See the bio below for Johnnie’s exceptionally impressive biography.  I’m very pleased to begin feature a weekly column here from Johnnie.  Between Johnnie and Pete Wehner, I could not ask for better people to post here. * The Rev. Billy Graham [Read More…]