On the Certainty of Doubt

A reflection from Michael Patton on the role of doubt in the Christian life is currently up at the Evangelical Portal at Patheos. As Patton writes, “In a fallen world with fallen people — and Christians who are still battling the flesh — should we expect anything else? Do you really believe that once you [Read More...]

Morning Report, July 28

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A New Series on "Why Evangelical?"

Please visit the Evangelical Portal at Patheos.  It is the wellspring for many of our reflections here, and offers many resources too that never make it over to the blog. One of the items drawing a lot of traffic right now is the first in our new series on “Why Are You an Evangelical?”  In [Read More...]

Morning Report, July 27: Obama, Awkward Moments, Octomom, and Newt Gingrich

1.  Obama’s approval ratings continue to decline.  As stated earlier, it’s not surprising that Obama’s approval ratings are down, given the rate at which he’s been spending political capital.  The three points that interest me from the latest Rasmussen poll (and Rasmussen was the most accurate on the last election) are these: only 56% of [Read More...]

Do Worldly Honors Matter?

There’s a new piece at Patheos that is a part of the Faith@Work Consultation, on the subject of worldly honors and esteem. Jonathan Dodson (whose essay first appeared at TheHighCalling.org) reflects on the power of worldly esteem to lead us–to seek more worldly esteem.  Worldly honors can become their own trap, when we come to [Read More...]