When Trust is Critical

William Miller offers an excellent reflection on the need, the challenges, and the methods of building trust in the workplace. A quotation that frames the argument: “Trust is not only “the engine of the market,” as D. Michael Lindsay has written. It is also the engine of any particular business, and without it the workplace [Read More...]

Dodd, Duplicity and Federal Oversight

Since we have had several articles on the financial crisis on the Evangelical Portal at Patheos (see here and here), I just wanted to issue a quick note that Senators Dodd and Conrad, both of whom were tasked with oversight of banking and mortgages, are exposed now to have had deep conflicts of interest.  Angelo [Read More...]

On the Certainty of Doubt

A reflection from Michael Patton on the role of doubt in the Christian life is currently up at the Evangelical Portal at Patheos. As Patton writes, “In a fallen world with fallen people — and Christians who are still battling the flesh — should we expect anything else? Do you really believe that once you [Read More...]

Morning Report, July 28

1 [Read more...]

A New Series on "Why Evangelical?"

Please visit the Evangelical Portal at Patheos.  It is the wellspring for many of our reflections here, and offers many resources too that never make it over to the blog. One of the items drawing a lot of traffic right now is the first in our new series on “Why Are You an Evangelical?”  In [Read More...]