Do Worldly Honors Matter?

There’s a new piece at Patheos that is a part of the Faith@Work Consultation, on the subject of worldly honors and esteem. Jonathan Dodson (whose essay first appeared at reflects on the power of worldly esteem to lead us–to seek more worldly esteem.  Worldly honors can become their own trap, when we come to [Read More...]

Morning Report, July 25: Hudson Taylor, Ri Hyon Ok and Tony Jones

1. has offered a series of stories on missionaries to the east.  Today they profile another one of the greats: Hudson Taylor.  Taylor left England in 1853 at the tender age of 21; he set himself apart from other missionaries by disdaining their worldliness and choosing to adopt the clothing and styles of the [Read More...]

Obama's Sinking Popularity. Does it Matter?

As mentioned in the Morning Report today, Barack Obama’s poll numbers are sinking at a fairly alarming rate.  They should not seriously concern anyone for Obama’s political future, in my view; approval numbers this far away from the next election contest don’t mean much.  Ever since taking office, Obama has been spending political capital at [Read More...]

Morning Report, July 24: Cultural Sins, Approval Ratings, and Tiger Woods

1.  In yesterday’s Morning Report, I referred to the story of four boys aged 9-13 who bound and raped an 8-year-old girl in a community of Liberian refugees in Phoenix, Arizona.  Stories like this are always horrible, but what is especially noteworthy in this case is the reaction of the parents, who blame their daughter [Read More...]

Further Reflections on Executive Compensation

A reader who comments on my article on executive compensation, “The Executive and the Cross,” refers to the extravagant amounts of money given also to entertainers and sports stars.  I’m glad this was added, since it was something I intended to mention but forgot.  If I should criticize John Thain for making $83M in a [Read More...]