Morning Report, July 14

1.  Several arrests were made for disorderly conduct during the hearings over Judge Sonia Sotomayor and her nomination to the Supreme Court.  This in itself is not surprising, but one of the names among those arrested may surprise you: Norma McCorvey of Texas, better known as the “Jane Roe” of the landmark abortion ruling Roe [Read More...]

Morning Report, July 13

6 Christian churches were bombed in Baghdad in the space of 24 hours.  One hopes that the Iraqi forces are able to maintain the peace now that we have withdrawn–and we should pray for that part of the Body of Christ that today is suffering because of the loss of loved ones. Sarah Palin bashing [Read More...]

The "Loath to Admit Failure" Meme–and What it Means

The Left liked to talk about how the Bush administration, and particularly Bush himself, were unwilling to admit failure.  There were weeks when it seemed as though the press corps could ask nothing other than, “Why won’t you admit that you were wrong?”  (A nice way of phrasing it might have been: When are you [Read More...]

Morning Report–Weekend Edition

I won’t write the Morning Reports on Sunday, to honor the Sabbath, but I will on Saturdays when possible: These are not the kind of family values we expect from those who talk about family values.  All you need to read is the first sentence: “Sen. John Ensign’s parents shelled out big bucks to pay [Read More...]

On Finding God in Unexpected Places

New material went up today on the Faith@Work Consultation at the Evangelical Gateway at Patheos. Let me give you some of the background for an article I contributed.  One of the aspects of the monastic life I most appreciate is the way in which one is surrounded constantly by ‘pointers’ toward God.  This is a [Read More...]