No "Morning Report" Today — The Morning was Canceled

Yes, that’s right, God held the sun still for a little while, canceled the morning, and then hauled the sun across the sky to the midday point so that we skipped past morning to afternoon. Well, perhaps not.  But I’m traveling, so I did not have an opportunity to research and post a “Morning Report.”  [Read More…]

Suffering and Spinal Injury

Park Street Church has long been a bastion of evangelicalism in Boston, and it’s presently celebrating its 200th anniversary year.  It’s also my church.  As a part of the celebrations, Park Street has invited a series of fantastic speakers.  Among those speakers is Joni Eareckson Tada, a woman who broke her neck in a diving [Read More…]

J. R. R. Tolkien on the Power of Language

I came across this fascinating conversation on J. R. R. Tolkien and the “ghosts” and “fossils” in language.  Ralph Wood is the Tolkien expert, speaking with Mars Hill Audio: Ralph Wood on Tolkien and Language from Mars Hill Audio [Read more…]

Morning Report, July 14

1.  Several arrests were made for disorderly conduct during the hearings over Judge Sonia Sotomayor and her nomination to the Supreme Court.  This in itself is not surprising, but one of the names among those arrested may surprise you: Norma McCorvey of Texas, better known as the “Jane Roe” of the landmark abortion ruling Roe [Read More…]

Morning Report, July 13

6 Christian churches were bombed in Baghdad in the space of 24 hours.  One hopes that the Iraqi forces are able to maintain the peace now that we have withdrawn–and we should pray for that part of the Body of Christ that today is suffering because of the loss of loved ones. Sarah Palin bashing [Read More…]