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Was Anders Breivik Really a Christian?

What do we do with the fact that Anders Behring Breivik — the perpetrator of a terrorist attack in downtown Oslo and the mass murder of children on the nearby island of Utoya — identifies himself as a Christian?  How do we make sense of the fact that he refers three times in his “European [Read More…]

Harold Camping Needs an Intervention

Some of the intersections of faith and politics are so littered with landmines that it’s virtually impossible to navigate them without taking some shrapnel in the legs.  People of faith and good will must discuss them, however, if they’re matters worth discussing, lest we leave the conversation to those who simply enjoy or actually profit [Read More…]

Morning Report, September 22nd: Rifqa, Reiki, Olympiobama, Next Housing "Boom," Dancing Republicans, Environmental Shock Therapy, and Raising Afghanistan

One Christian’s Perspective on the Day’s News 1.  BURNED ALIVE TO BORN AGAIN.  Many are familiar with this picture, where children and villagers, followed by South Vietnamese soldiers, run down a road after an aerial napalm attack.  Her clothes were burned off by fire, and the damage caused by the napalm led her to fourteen [Read More…]