New Spiritual Abuse Survivor Network at No Longer Quivering

Over the past year, survivors of spiritual abuse have been slowly connecting with one another, seeking out new bloggers, linking and cross-posting one another’s work. This collaboration has been inspiring to watch, as it’s happened organically and led to the creation of such community projects as Raised Quiverfull, the Fundamentalism and Sexuality project, and another series that’s currently in the works on marriage and submission. We’ve all benefited immensely from talking to each other: Libby Anne and I have, for instance, written several posts in dialogue with one another, and have both contributed and linked to From Two to One and Permission to Live.

No Longer Quivering has begun to put together a formal registry and network of Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs. If you blog about spiritual abuse (and not just in evangelical Christianity) I highly recommend getting involved. It’s a great way to connect with other bloggers, increase traffic to your blog, and find new reading material to inspire your own posts!

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