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Protecting Girls: Thinking about Ted Kennedy’s Groody concerns

During yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to confirm Judge Samuel Alito, Senator Ted Kennedy attempted to paint Alito as someone who had scarred a ten-year old girl for life.He referred to Doe v. Groody, the 2004 case in which the issue was raised as to whether a search warrant can include others on the premises of the area who have not been individually named in the warrant, but have been identified as "all occupants of the residence" in the attached affidavit.In this … [Read more...]

Among the Intellectualoids… Hooked for Life

Among the Intellectualoids Hooked for Life By Pia de SolenniThe American Spectator Published 9/28/2007 12:07:57 AMEquipped with the self-revelatory means of media -- blogs, podcasts, YouTube, MySpace, radio, reality television, even op-ed writers -- armchair psychologists are never at a loss for new subjects. But even they might suffer from TMI (too much information) at times. These various media encourage, allow, and facilitate the revealing of personal information that many of us would … [Read more...]