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Go green, save the planet, don’t divorce

'Want to save the planet? Reduce carbon emissions? Stay married. Study proves it.','Just after experiencing a twinge of guilt for turning up the heat, I read this article. Turns out that being married might offset my carbon imprint. Divorce costs an additional $6.9B in energy costs per year. Read here. … [Read more...]

Learning to say: “I love you.”

Work - life balance is a hot theme now. How do you balance the demands of a successful professional career with your personal needs? Do you even get to have a life outside of work?After years of not achieving the balance, a group of Japanese businessmen have taken it upon themselves to learn how to be husbands. Some of them were absentee fathers. All of them had marriages that deteriorated. But one of them took it upon himself to work with other men to learn how to be better husbands. In some … [Read more...]

College for everyone?

While it's important for as many people as possible to be educated, does it mean that everyone should go to college? Maybe it's time to start challenging the conventional wisdom about going to college...','Thomas Sowell, an economist and former professor now with the Hoover Institute, has a new piece discussing why it may not be a good idea to increase the numbers of students attending college. As someone who knows and respects many successful people who had little or no college education, I'm … [Read more...]

Hillary a feminist?

I'm not a huge fan of Maureen Dowd, but she does have some keen insights on Senator Hillary Clinton and her status as a woman who's a presidential candidate.Dowd makes the point that Senator Clinton got where she is because she's "Mrs. Clinton." So much for doing things on your own. Dowd cites one letter to the WSJ in which the writer notes that the last thing Hillary did on her own was to get into Yale's law school. I'd love to see a woman presidential candidate who's accomplished in her own … [Read more...]

Mild or Wild?

Every woman (or any father of teenage girls) knows that fashion is going in two decidedly different directions, most of it going in the direction of less clothes, less taste, and less fashion. Now Dr. Phil is jumping into the game.On Friday, November 23, Brenda Sharman of Pure Fashion was on Dr. Phil's television show. I've met Brenda and am so grateful for the work she does. A former model, she's not afraid to be beautiful and she's teaching girls how to be beautiful in a "Girls Gone Wild" … [Read more...]

All it takes is one person

The NYT has this great op-ed about the adoption of a young girl baby and how it was even possible for her to be adopted in the first place....all because of one man. The piece clearly indicates that lots of people knew about the plight of this abandoned baby girl and one man took action. That action resulted in saving her life and giving a daughter to loving parents in the US. Definitely a must read. Click here … [Read more...]