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Gimme, Gimme

When we go about having children the way we order a customized car, design a kitchen, or buy a wardrobe, maybe it's a sign that we should get a pet or stick to inanimate things like cars, clothing, and cuisinarts rather than babies.....','The New York Times has this piece on reducing the chances of multiple births for women who use IVF to become pregnant. Granted, infertility is a very difficult thing to deal with, but it doesn't follow that we can therefore use any means to achieve what we … [Read more...]

Truth Can Be Ugly

As most US citizens know, the abortion debate is not over. It rages on. I've mentioned before certain pro-life shifts in the culture, especially with regard to film. A recent film, 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days, takes another step in the pro-life direction. But this film isn't a feel-good experience by any means.  ','The film shows the face of abortion - in all its components: the woman, the fetus, the doctor, the friend....the horror that is the reality. This is one film where the preview was … [Read more...]