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Oxymorons: “jumbo shrimp”; “pro-life Obama”; “reality TV”.

We've had an interesting presidential campaign. Not only has it been the longest, it has also once again stirred controversy over a matter that has been settled for Catholics for 2000 years.Tom McCluskey, VP of Government Affairs at the Family Research Council (and my former colleague), has this excellent piece examining Senator Obama's radical abortion position. As Tom points out, in a time when the economy and the war are first on people's minds, it's remarkable (at the very least) that … [Read more...]

R.I.P. Capt. Bruno de Solenni

My brother Capt. Bruno de Solenni died in Afghanistan on September 20 when his vehicle was hit by an IED. Please keep him and our family in your thoughts and prayers. Additionally, two Afghan interpreters were killed and at least two soldiers were injured. Please keep them all in your prayers.You might appreciate this letter from Bruno that was published in our local paper just recently, before his death on Saturday. Here is a poignant note from a friend who was with him. Friends have built … [Read more...]

Marriage. Another non-partisan issue

So far, most of the debate surrounding same-sex marriage has been cast as a liberal-conservative divide, but guess again. It's more fundamental than politics.I've heard that John Paul II was attributed with saying that every child has the right to be out of (as a result of) love. I find this concept deeply profound and will have to save my musings on it for another time. But David Blankenhorn, a self identified liberal Democrat, offers some tremendous food for thought in his recent op-ed for … [Read more...]

Life. It’s more fundamental than politics's still news that the Catholic Church is against abortion. Actually, the news is that this might affect how Catholics vote.The New York Times has this piece on the topic of abortion and the role it will play in the votes cast by Catholics this November. In the words of the NYT, it's about "dividing" the Catholic vote. But the piece illustrates that when people are educated about their faith, they will vote accordingly. In case of abortion, the issue isn't partisan or bi-partisan. It's … [Read more...]

Come to Alaska, Oprah!

Remember how Oprah wouldn't have VP candidate Governor Palin on her show?This clip from documentary footage of Governor Palin reveals so much. I'll leave it to you, but it's too bad Oprah hasn't taken a trip to Alaska or - as suggested elsewhere - invited Todd Palin on the show. … [Read more...]

The heart of the matter.

The attention surrounding the nomination of Governor Palin as Senator McCain's vice presidential running mate continues to build and reveal....Most interestingly, the debate about feminism has been challenged, perhaps as never before.The question facing us is whether a woman who happens to be pro-life and who prays can exemplify the goals of feminism. For many of us, the answer is unabashedly in the affirmative, regardless of our views on abortion and religion. Cathy Young has this concise … [Read more...]