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Sex – anything goes; food, not so

Ironically, it seems that where there's a void of relgious belief or faith, something else fills that void and becomes the moral guide. These days, it's not God for many people and there are no moral guidelines surrounding sex;'s food.Mary Eberstadt authored this interesting piece , demonstrating that where there are no morals regarding sex (or other traditionally regulated actions), the focus goes to food. In both cases, there are dangerous excesses.Admittedly, I fall into that … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday To…Me!

The "reason for the season" is the birth of Jesus Christ, but we wouldn't know it by looking at the way many of us celebrate Christmas.Christmas has become excessively child-centered. It's not about THE child. It's about every child. (Ironically, this happens at the same time that the innocent unborn child has absolutely no legal protection.) I can appreciate the child-centered perspective to a certain extent. After all, there's nothing like watching a child experience Christmas, whether it's … [Read more...]

More Virgin Mary, Less Virgin Islands

There hasn't been too much discussion of the "reason for the season" this year. Nevertheless, I think it's increasingly difficult to find the meaning of Christmas reflected in our Christmas cards.Fr. James Martin, SJ, offers some humor and perspective for a discussion on Christmas cards. I have to say that I love getting Christmas cards. I enjoy the letters and I appreciate the photos that people send. I try to keep them in an album so that we'll have them year after year.That said, I do … [Read more...]

Building the family – be a cook, not a chef

Marcella Hazan, one of the foremost experts of Italian cooking, offers some sage advice for human relations in her recent column for the NYT.I'm a big fan of Marcella Hazan's cookbooks, in part because they're not overly complicated. They're very Italian. A recipe, for example, will call for one onion. She won't say a small, yellow onion that was harvested on a full moon. It's just an onion. That's all you need.Her simplicity and authenticity shows itself in this piece where she discusses … [Read more...]