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Dr. Tiller

Dr. George Tiller, a well known abortion provider in Kansas, was brutally murdered on Sunday.His death is a tragedy, especially for a country that claims to abide by the rule of law. Prof. Robert George has an excellent, succinct commentary here.This event has the potential to spiral out of control. The last thing we need is to politicize the abortion debate even more than it has been already. But I fear the President's statement here will do just that. The pro-life community always … [Read more...]

L’Osservatore Romano – Vatican Mouthpiece Or Not?

There's been a lot of very understandable confusion surrounding an editorial by the Vatican newspaper that put a positive spin on President Obama's administration despite his aggressive anti-life policies.Despite the fact that L'Osservatore Romano is the official Vatican newspaper, its editorials are not officially representative of the Vatican. I know this seems confusing and is arguably not well designed.I worked at newspaper as a copy editor for a short time. My job was to make sure that … [Read more...]

The Wrap On ND

So President Obama delivered the commencement address at Notre Dame and was honored with an honorary law degree, to be expected. But what I really enjoyed were some of the responses to his address.Sure, most of the students went ape for him; but who's really surprised about that?Bill McGurn had a great response to the situation here, pointing out just how far from its mission and original identity ND has strayed. I especially liked his last paragraph: In the National Portrait Gallery of … [Read more...]

Moderate rhetoric, hard-left policies.

Despite claims that abortion is above his "pay grade," the President has made abortion a central issue in his administration and now the mainstream media acknowledge it. How do we respond?This NYT article examines how the issue has become so prominent. In all fairness, it does recognize the measures that Obama has implemented. But in stark contrast to the opinions of certain elites that abortion is really a non-issue, public opinion continues to demonstrate otherwise:Polls show that the … [Read more...]