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The benefits of being a single mom.

The marriage debate's not just about same-sex couples. It's about whether people, especially women, should even be married in the first place.Banish the image of the tired, stressed, single mom who's trying to make ends meet. Now, some are suggesting that they prefer their status as single moms and some married women are saying that it would be easier to be on their own. You can read about it here. Some of the findings of a recent study:A recent survey by Babytalk Magazine … [Read more...]

President Obama Promotes Fatherhood

While I am at odds with certain policy positions of the President, especially those relating to the life issues, I was really pleased to see the talk that he gave on fatherhood last weekend. We need more of this type of discourse.For a long time, women, e.g. various strands of feminism, claimed that they got no recognition for their work in the home/family. As a result, many women entered the workplace to gain the recognition they desired. But it's debatable that that recognition did anything … [Read more...]

Is there anyone out there besides me?

'The NYT recently ran a piece about a grad student's decision to have an abortion. I was so stunned by the article that I'm only now able to articulate some semblance of a response.This section of my website is called "Thinking Out Loud..." because I don't make any pretenses that the thoughts are polished and perfect. I treat this as a type of blog, getting some ideas out there. Although I don't have this set up for responses to the direct post, I can be contacted through my website or through … [Read more...]

Getting Back To Nature

Professor Janet Smith has a new piece in Our Sunday Visitor discussing the always sensitive topic of homosexuality and same-sex marriage.There appears to be growing acceptance of homosexual behaviors, to the point that they are becoming normative. I recall a conversation about one of the California initiatives on same-sex marriage. A friend was leading a petition drive to collect signatures. Her daughter, about 16-years-old, told us that the petition was a sign of homophobia. In fact, it's one … [Read more...]

Dirty Old Man?

It's no secret that comedian David Letterman has a political bias towards the left. Yet, his recent comments about Governor Palin and 14-year-old daughter leave one thinking that if he himself is not a lech, he's certainly contributing to the abusive notions of women that are widely held in our society.For a quick news article on the situation, click here. Basically, Letterman commented on his show that the governor looked like a "slutty flight attendant." He went on to bash women in other … [Read more...]

Walking Between Raindrops

How do you build relationships between cultures that have traditionally been opposed to each other? Fr. Peter Banks "walks between the raindrops" to integrate his Latino and Black parish in Watts.The LA Times has this story about Fr. Banks, an Irish transplant to the US, who has been working to integrate his parish in Watts which is made up of two communities that have a history of not trusting each other. As the story points out, it hasn't been easy and it hasn't happened quickly. But it is … [Read more...]