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Memorial Day: Honoring The Call To Serve

Memorial Day is more than commemorating the deceased. It's about honoring what it means to be a soldier, namely that one is ready to lay down his or her life for their country. Every soldier answers that call when deciding to enlist. Read more in my recent article here.Comments and thoughts are always welcome. … [Read more...]

There Be Dragons

Director Roland Joffe's new film There Be Dragons hits the screens today. The film is about Manolo (Wes Bentley), a man who grows up with his childhood friend Josemaria Escriva (Charlie Cox), the founder of Opus Dei. Two men with similar backgrounds make very different life choices and, yet, they are alike. The film also stars Bond-girl Olga Kurylenko.I saw some early versions of TBD since I was doing some communications work for one of the contractors. (Joffe's masterpiece The Mission is … [Read more...]