This is the face of wonder

Grandson Gabriel and I went to Kohl Children’s Museum today. My kids and I were regular visitors to an earlier (smaller) version of the museum. Those visits with my kids seem to have happened about 6 minutes ago, instead of…um…more than a decade and a half ago.
Gabriel spent about a half an hour in the Potbelly Sandwich shop, making fake sandwiches out of plastic foodstuff. Watching this little boy completely lost in the joy of work gave me a fuzzy, distant glimpse of what work in the before-the-fall-Garden-of-Eden must have been like. There was no “sweat of the brow” in this work. Just sheer pleasure, delight and discovery.
And I had the pleasure of sharing this day – a gift to both of us.
Thank you, Lord.

"Childishness, Richard. I keep telling you to try grow up."

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  • L.L. Barkat

    And sometimes we even get those Potbelly moments ourselves too, don’t we? For me it happens best when I’ve stepped outside, into shadows of Eden. (I do believe you’ll find the redwoods to be one lovely, long shadow of that distant place!)

  • Michelle Gregory

    Saw your comment on L.L.’s blog. I’ll be at Mt. Hermon, too. I love the idea of a writing conference being held in what I imagine to be a place of great beauty. What could be better – writing and redwoods and beach? Maybe we’ll meet.

    Michelle Gregory

  • Michelle Van Loon

    See you both there! Wow! 🙂