Faith Unsettled

It was an honor to put my head together with two women with deep faith and a gift for insight (who each happen to have wonderful new books out this summer) for the following post. Jen Pollock Michel kicks things off here, and Marlena Graves wraps things up, and my words are in the middle. I’ll clip a bit of Jen’s words to launch you – click on the link for the full post on today’s Her.meneutics blog.

* * * * * * *

Like a lot of writers, I read about the writing life. (A little bit of company is welcome in the solitary stretches of time.) In her book on writing, Negotiating with the Dead, Margaret Atwood suggests, “Writing has to do with darkness, and a desire or perhaps a compulsion to enter it, and, with luck, to illuminate it.” Atwood confirms that writers write less of what they know—and more of what they don’t. [Read more]

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