Radio Silence, Breaking Bad, And The (Premature) Question Of ‘Where Next?’

Cold-war era space race mock-up at Kennedy Space Center.

After a couple of false starts thanks to early February blizzards, my husband and I finally got to use those frequent flyer tickets for a trip to Florida. We've had a couple of overnight trips in the last year, but haven't been away just to get away in a very long time. We've had lots of fun visiting with friends who live here or just so happened to be "in the neighborhood" while we were here. A definite highlight for me was a visit to the Kennedy Space Center. Who knew those Gemini and Apollo … [Read more...]

Who Are Our Esthers?


Who doesn't love the story of Esther, the young Jewish girl who put her life on the line in order to save thousands of other Jewish lives? Who isn't inspired by people like Corrie ten Boom who used their positions of social privilege during World War II to act in the spirit of Esther to save the lives of Jewish people?Next Wednesday evening is Purim, the holiday celebrating God's deliverance of the Jewish people via the courage of one woman who used her voice and privilege on behalf of those … [Read more...]

When The Heart Waits: Chapter 3

Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard wrote that "the ultimate thing" is whether you yourself are conscious of that most intimate relation to yourself as an individual. This "ultimate" recognition is a necessary part of growing up. – Sue Monk Kidd I've been blogging through Sue Monk Kidd's 1990 classic about midlife spiritual transformation, When The Heart Waits. Click here to read earlier posts in the series.Chapter 3 opens with a crash course in Carl Jung's developmental theories, as interpreted t … [Read more...]

Burying My Alleluia?

pail shovel

At church the Sunday prior to Ash Wednesday, the Rector told us that this would be the last time we’d be saying the word “Alleluia” in any form as a congregation until Easter. He explained that this was another form of Lenten fasting. I did a little research, as this custom was unfamiliar to me. I learned many liturgical traditions “buried the alleluia” in some form during Lent.Jamie Martin-Currie offered a concise explanation of this practice: The omission of alleluia during Lent goes back … [Read more...]

Fifty Shades Of Not Okay

little girl  - flickr

I used to think men were the primary consumers of porn, though I've known a few women over the years who admitted to their own porn habit. The Fifty Shades "Mommy porn" phenomenon has changed the conversation in our culture. Women, you may think that the dreck you're reading on your Kindle during naptime - or the movie you're planning to see this weekend to celebrate St. Valentine's Day - is between you and (maybe) your husband or boyfriend, but it's not. It spills into your kids' lives in ways … [Read more...]

When The Heart Waits: Chapter 2

bread dough rising

We live in an age of acceleration, in an era so seduced by the instantaneous that we're in grave danger of losing our ability to wait. - Sue Monk Kidd Sue Monk Kidd wrote these words in 1990, before smart phones and always-on accelerated our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined way back in the good old days of AOL dial-up. Yet our culture was already moving at the speed of frantic twenty-five years ago. The expectation of instant has come at a high cost. She asks, "Where is our willingness … [Read more...]

ATI Regrets And The Need For Holy Anger

Study of Study

When you're a parent terrified by the fact that your newborn didn't come complete with an owner's manual, you may be easy prey for a door-to-door salesman who magically appears at your house one day with one just for you. When you sign on the dotted line, desperate for a quick fix, it may take years to discover you've sold your family into spiritual slavery. That book of answers you bought are really some bloviator's opinions packaged as facts. Only your holy anger can set you free.When your … [Read more...]