When The Heart Waits: Chapter 8 (Final)


I’ve been blogging through Sue Monk Kidd’s When The Heart Waits: Spiritual Direction For Life's Sacred Questions. The final chapter in this book about midlife's transitions is entitled "Unfurling New Wings". (Earlier installments in this series can be found here.)  If all souls developed in cookie-cutter fashion, we would have spirituality by duplication rather than by waiting and transformation. Yet the tendency exists among Christians to want everybody to be at the same place at the same time … [Read more...]

Follow Me, don’t follow me, me or me


In the last week alone, a fairly well-known Bible teacher in the Messianic community, Ligonier Ministries head RC Sproul, Jr., and the President of Southern Baptist-affiliated North Greenville University each stepped down from their leadership positions after violating their marriage vows. In the case of at least two of them, they were forced to confess after they were caught via Ashley Madison or irrefutable video evidence. Let's face it - when you confess only after you've been caught, your … [Read more...]

When The Heart Waits: Chapter 7


I suppose I'd also come looking for some way to wait in my own darkness, to turn it into the kind of dark night that could incubate newness. Darkness remains deadening and nontransforming – like the tomb – unless we learn how to turn it into a creative and life-giving experience. - Sue Monk Kidd I've been blogging my way through Sue Monk Kidd's book on midlife. (Earlier installments in this series can be found here.) Chapter 7, entitled "Incubating The Darkness", addresses what St. John of the C … [Read more...]

What’s The Big Deal About BDS?

He sang his song Jerusalem (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8ULIw0Zgaw) at Sunsplash after organizers backed down.

I've been watching various corporations, universities, NGOs and non-profits respond to the demands of the Boycott, Divest & Sanctions (BDS) movement. The stated goal of the BDS movement is to apply political and economic pressure on the State of Israel in order to "encourage" the two-state solution, but there are a whole lot of people involved in the movement who appear to wish to boycott, divest, and sanction Israel right off the map. Some of them might be in your workplace or the n … [Read more...]

The PTCS Stops Here, Here, Here, and Here

boundary marker

This post is part of the Patheos conversation around the topic of recovery from traumatic church experiences in conjunction with Reba Riley's just-released memoir, Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir Of Humor & Healing. I'm a survivor of spiritual abuse and a veteran of a few churches with epic levels of dysfunction breeding like a supervirus just under their shiny surface. I've written a lot about this topic in this space (here, here, and here, for starters). It would have been easier … [Read more...]

Long Way From Home: The Housing Crisis Lingers On

More than 7 million Americans lost their homes to foreclosure or short sale between 2007 and 2014. Three years ago, my husband and I became of them. And like the housing market, despite much improvement, we’re still recovering. While we hear far less about the real estate crash that’s not so far behind us, it has left a permanent mark on many communities. Decreased property values lower municipal tax revenues, which lead to cuts in services. Stressed municipal services and underserved schools re … [Read more...]

5 Practical Ways You Can Respond To The Planned Parenthood Videos Right Where You Live


This summer has brought a series of stunning videos from the Center For Medical Progress to our computer screens. These unfiltered videos highlight the secondary business of the selling of baby body parts after an abortion has been performed. They're barbaric and gruesome, and all of the spin in the world `splainin' away the cavalier talk by Planned Parenthood execs of Lamborgini purchases and how to get the most money out of each aborted child's body parts doesn't erase the hideous truth about w … [Read more...]