You mean I have to THINK about how I’ll spend my vote?

Oh, for the good old days of being a "Values Voter". It was so easy to grab one of the guides published by conservative lobbying organizations, skim the columns comparing the candidates, and vote Republican. I didn't vote for candidates. I voted to end abortion.I'd used the logic that to vote pro-life was the ballot box equivalent of seeking first the kingdom of God; if I voted that way, then the remainder of the our country's social issues would "be added unto us" in the form of just, … [Read more...]

Exit stage left

I spent an extended time this morning studying  James 1, the result of signing up for my first-ever Beth Moore Bible study. Her biggish hair and cheerleader intensity had always freaked me out a little bit -by "a little bit", I mean "a lot" - but since I'm a new girl in a new town, I took a big breath and dove in, joining a well-established study group for "Mercy Triumphs".One lesson might be "Don't judge a perky cheerleader by her cover". I've been pleasantly surprised and unpleasantly (in a … [Read more...]

Book review: Veneer

Only the shallow know themselves. - Oscar Wilde Wilde spoke these words more than 100 years ago. If they're true, then we should have a culture full of self-actualized people who've ascended to the tip-top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Popular culture that celebrates surface appearances with relentless devotion. Any Warhol captured this devotion perfectly: "I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They're beautiful. Everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic."  (Can't help but … [Read more...]

After The Infant Dedication/Baptism/Naming Ceremony…

It might be a child dedication, a naming ceremony, or an infant baptism. New parents, perhaps adorned with a burp rag, parade to the front of the congregation with their precious babe-in-arms. Some combo of sibs, godparents, grandparents and family friends may join the parade. The proud family stands before God and the congregation, formally placing the baby and themselves in God's service. Some theological traditions mark these moments as the start of a child's faith journey, others believe … [Read more...]

Falling Upward, Chapter 12

I’m blogging through Father Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward: A Spirituality Through The Two Halves Of Life. Even if you haven’t read the book, please stick around and join the conversation here if you’re facing a mid-life transition. Father Rohr offers us all some meaty food for thought.Here are links to my previous posts in the series:  Intro — Chapter 1 — Chapter 2 — Chapter 3 —Chapter 4 – Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 – Chapter 7 – Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 – Chapter 10 - Chapter 11 * * * * * * *"I mus … [Read more...]

I was the 36%

Terri was a chemist, skilled at her work and respected by her coworkers.Terri was a caring daughter. She spent a few evenings at week with her mom, a late-stage Alzheimer's patient, just as she had every step of her mom's journey. And she was a huge support for her dad as well.Terri was a gifted musician, leading worship at church with a generous and humble attitude.Terri was a thoughtful friend. She remembered details from past conversations in ways that communicated that she'd listened … [Read more...]

I wonder as I wander

I've lived in nondescript subdivisions (beige house, beige house, beige house, lather, rinse, repeat) for most of my adult life. The sameness of my surroundings was like an aerobic workout for my imagination as I worked to notice each difference (Look! Red shutters!) and imagined what life inside each house might be like when I'd walk the neighborhood. The town in which we're now living is full of history. I enjoy the variety and charm of the homes here, but it is still the quirky little details … [Read more...]