Review: Eat With Joy

My mom was a diet afficionado. It seemed that she tried on for size every fad diet that came during my childhood. The Cottage Cheese Diet. The Grapefruit Diet. A few rounds of Weight Watchers. A leaning tower of Lean Cuisines stashed in the freezer. An always-uneasy relationship with "starch", or as we like to call it/them today, carbs.She also disliked cooking. The standard fare at our dinner table was broiled steak, defrosted Green Giant frozen vegetables and an iceberg lettuce salad. Or … [Read more...]

Hung over after Holy Week, Church Leader?

Dear Church Leader,Are you hung over today?No matter what your church tradition, you're coming off the most intense worship schedule of your Church calendar. Nothing compares to Holy Week, not even the Christmas season. If you're shepherding a liturgical church, you've had a long run-up to holy week, beginning with Ash Wednesday 47 days ago. But even if your congregation doesn't add additional services during Lent, this past week has probably been packed with anything from … [Read more...]

Waiting for Resurrection

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die." - John 11:25-26  … [Read more...]

Pilgrim’s Road Trip #11 – Moses, Not To Be Confused With Charlton Heston

We live as exiles. We’re called to be pilgrims. I am journeying through Scripture chronologically in order to explore our exile experience. I’ll also offer some helpful thoughts about how Christ can reshape that identity and reorient our journey so we live as pilgrims. To read earlier posts in the series, head to the sidebar at the right, click on "Categories", then on "Pilgrim's Road Trip", which also happens to be the inspiration for this blog's title. * * * * * * * Talk about an identity cri … [Read more...]

Review: The Hardest Thing To Do

If anyone but my friend Carole had handed me a book series like Penelope Wilcock's The Hawk and The Dove, I would have found a way to smile politely, tumble together a sloppy "thanks but no thanks; too busy" and pass them back to the giver as if I were playing Hot Potato.  Carole, a brilliant friend possessing the equivalent of a black belt in classic literature, pressed the stack of three books in Wilcock's original trilogy on me back in the days when they were three separate books. (They've … [Read more...]

A Plea: Listen To The Voice Of Grief

Last Friday, Christianity Today's Her.meneutics blog ran my post entitled "Like Valerie Harper, We're All Terminal". In it, I contended that we in the Church talk a lot about eternal life, but we stink at helping each other deal with death. After I wrote the Valerie Harper post, but prior to it being published, I received a series of emails from a young ministry wife I'll call "T". I referenced her story briefly here.Because of her life circumstances, "T" requested that I not share her name. … [Read more...]

Out To The Margins: Ginnie Lange

What does honest faith look like? If I head out to the margins, the places at the edge of things where our messiness and Christ's forgiveness meet, I have the best chance of finding the answer to that question. From time to time, I'd like to introduce you to people I know who've followed Jesus out to the margins. You and I may not sign off on each of these friends' choices or convictions, but I hope their stories will spur you to wander out to the margins yourself. (If you do, let me know what … [Read more...]