Review: One Million Arrows

Julie Ferwerda, the author of One Million Arrows: Raising Your Children To Change The World (Winepress Publishing, 2009), wants to inspire you to hit the parenting bulls' eye as you raise your children to be spiritual champions. Motivated by both the work and message of her mentor, M.A. Thomas, and her deep desire to see her teen children take ownership of their faith, Ferwerda pulled together a self-published book filled with stories designed to motivate parents to aim at a higher purpose in … [Read more...]


The Jewish holiday of Purim takes place this weekend. The holiday is a miraculous story of survival in the face of super-size, demonic anti-Semitism. The book of Esther never once mentions God's Name, yet His unseen hand is visible in every moment of this drama:"The story is about the Jewish people in Persia during the reign of Xerxes (486-465 B.C.). The ultra-short version of the story is as follows: An evil man named Haman hates the Jews, and manipulates the king into making a ruling that in … [Read more...]

The Great Tylenol Caper

Yes, it's a picture of shelves full of Tylenol and some of Tylenol's pain reliever cousins. Go ahead and ask the burning question: "Why do you have this picture on your blog, Michelle?" To answer your burning question, I have to give a bit of backstory. A year ago, I had a job that required me to go sit in an office each day. Like all jobs, it had great parts (the students with whom I worked) and some not-so-great parts. But I knew it wasn't exactly where I belonged. I am a writer, but … [Read more...]

Review: Crave

We are hungry people.Author Chris Tomlinson explores the contours of these hungers in a pithy, engaging 218-page read entitled Crave: Wanting So Much More of God (Harvest House). Each of the book's 15 short chapters tackles a different desire within us ranging from comfort to purpose to significance. His confessional style gently coaxes readers' longings into the light. Here, he discusses the slow "ah ha!" that dawned on him as he learned to quit making prayer into a Job:"...I stopped trying so … [Read more...]

We are fam-ah-lee

The pastor's wife leads the worship ministry at their small congregation. Or...the pastor's son-in-law becomes the youth minister. It's only natural that family members serve together at a local congregation, isn't it?Even some of Jesus' first disciples were brothers, right? The ideal is that families share an active, engaged faith. Wouldn't the logical conclusion of this shared faith be shared ministry?Yes.And no.Did you know that the word nepotism has its roots in medieval church practice? One … [Read more...]

Book review: Thy Kingdom Connected

Is the church: (A) series of bunkers, sheds and silos storing already-harvested grain or (B) an organic, open network of interconnected relationships? Of course, we know the answer is supposed to be [B].  However, [A] has often defined our functional reality. Dwight Friesen has written a book designed to expand our imaginations about the kingdom-shaped web of connections into which God is weaving His children. In the hands of a less-insightful analyst, Thy Kingdom Connected: … [Read more...]

Your advice?

I've been blogging for over four years now. In that time, I've had two addresses, four jobs and three cars. I've written two books, lost a parent, added a new grandson to the family tree, been to Israel twice, joined Curves twice (sigh), and have attended three different churches.  What hasn't changed in my life? Besides the unwavering love of my Savior and the grace-gift of a patient, patient husband, there has been at least one other unchanging reality for me: words. I have read more … [Read more...]