Evangelical Environmentalism

767_popup.jpgNo, this is not an oxymoron. Dr. J. Matthew Sleeth gave a lecture at the Graduate Theological Union last night on how evangelicals are working with environmentalists to reverse global warming. Sleeth, a former emergency room doctor and star of the global warming documentary The Great Warming recently published an acclaimed book entitled Serve God, Save the Planet. Sleeth is a plain-spoken, unapologetic evangelical at the forefront of the most pressing issue in the world today. His comments concerning the effectiveness of evangelicals vs. mainline faiths are especially telling. He argues that evangelicals are more effective and taken more seriously by the media and members of other faiths because they know who they are and what they believe. Thankfully, they are becoming increasingly concerned with global warming and environmental activism. A man of science at heart, Dr. Sleeth argues for the cooperation between science and religion and that, at its heart, environmentalism is a deeply religious issue. He likens Jesus’ parable of the good samaritan to the need for greater Christian involvement in curbing global warming and reversing the destruction of the environment.

Check out the link below for more information on Dr. Sleeth and his new book. If his lecture is any indication, the book will be well worth the read and the purchase. It has moved to the top of my summer reading list. Also, visit the website of The Beatitudes Society, the sponsors of last night’s lecture.

Serve God, Save the Planet

The Beatitudes Society

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    Yeah, I was impressed with Dr. Sleeth’s sense of humor and ability to frame the need to curb consumption and protect the environment as a biblical issue.

    As he told stories of conservative Muslims, Jews and Christians talking together about climate change, it totally made sense to me: a lot of this stuff that we fight over won’t matter much if we don’t have a healthy place to live. Great seeing you there and thanks for the great write up, Ryan.