Evangelical Media

To understand the challenges that evangelical media and mainstream media pose to one another and the challenges that changing technologies pose to the evangelical community is to understand the nature of new media in a very real way.  In their book, Understanding Evangelical Media:  The Changing Face of Christian Communication, editors Quentin J. Schultze and Robert H. Woods Jr. compile numerous essays that address various evangelical media including radio, television, film, comics, video games, … [Read more...]

Slumdog: The Little Movie That Couldn't

So not everyone loved Slumdog Millionaire.  It's success has been bugging occasional Pop Theology contributor Daniel Skidmore.  He rants after the jump. … [Read more...]

Bohemian Invasions…

This is always the perfect time of year to catch up on a backlog of DVDs.  With a relative dearth of theatrical releases just after the Oscars and frequent releases of Oscar-nominated films on DVD, there are often more worthwhile new DVD releases than theatrical releases.  Last week, three really good films released on DVD, Milk, Happy-Go-Lucky, and Rachel Getting Married.  The first two were reviewed here shortly after they released in theaters.  I finally watched the latter last night. … [Read more...]

The Gloves Come Off: Philip Clayton and Tony Jones

Friday night, after the public forum at the Transforming Theology Conference, some participants and students stuck around for a theo-pub.  It didn't take long for Philip Clayton and Tony Jones to get down to an intense debate over issues of emergence and emergents.  Check out the first half of the discussion posted here in the Featured Video section.  Follow the link after the jump to see the second half of the discussion and questions from the audience. … [Read more...]

This Just In: Theologians Debate Social Media

So I am at the Transforming Theology Conference where forty of the best and brightest theologians have gathered to discuss transformative thought for progressive action.  The first panel of four theologians included Harvey Cox, Delwin Brown, Joseph Bracken, and Ignacio Castuera.  They each posed seven minute thoughts on the perils that we as a society face and how theologians might respond.  After these insightful ideas, the rest of the theologians began debating the relevance of social media an … [Read more...]

When Being Bad is Good…

AMC doesn't seem to know how to pick good films, and they sure know how to ruin great ones.  God help us if their choices really are American movie classics.  On the other hand, they know how to spot a good television series when they see one.  Most everyone knows about the critically acclaimed drama, Mad Men, but perhaps some folks aren't as familiar with AMC's second great series, Breaking Bad, which began its second season last night. … [Read more...]

We Finally Get to Watch…

In 1962, legendary film producer Dino de Laurentiis announced his plans to create a cinematic phenomenon, a multi-million dollar, multi-director, ten-hour production of the Bible with highlights from the Old and New Testaments.  His efforts resulted in one director, John Huston, and the first twenty-two chapters of Genesis for the film The Bible...In the Beginning (1966).  While Watchmen (the legendary comic book series from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons) is not The Bible, it holds something of s … [Read more...]

Sanctuary Cinema: A Review

The contemporary state of affairs between Hollywood and the Christian church betrays a complex history that entails cooperation, appropriation, and rejection. Speaking broadly, the church today, and for quite some time, has leaned towards the latter, taking a highly critical approach to the perceived encroaching secularism of Hollywood. However, with the advent of cinema, nearly every Christian denomination recognized the (potential) value of motion pictures and even invested in their own … [Read more...]