New Leader…

Congratulations to Dr. Brad Braxton, former homiletics and New Testament professor at Wake Forest University Divinity School, on his election as the sixth senior pastor at Riverside Church in New York City.  Follow the link after the jump for more. … [Read more...]

The Flip Side of the Coin

Occasional Pop Theology contributor Daniel Skidmore provides a quick review of the Coen brothers' latest film, Burn After Reading. … [Read more...]

The Audacity of Despair

During the Olympics, President Bush sat down for a rather lengthy interview with Bob Costas.  Costas began a question about China's problems by saying, "I know America has its share of problems, but...."  Almost before Costas could finish his question, Bush rushed and said, "America doesn't have problems."  Clearly President Bush and David Simon are not looking at the same America.  Simon, former journalist for The Baltimore Sun, acclaimed author of Homicide and The Corner, and the writer and pro … [Read more...]


Pop Theology contributor Wendy Arce reviews a Hitchcock classic, Lifeboat. … [Read more...]

Fall TV Preview

I received my favorite issues of Entertainment Weekly recently, the Fall telvision and movie previews.  I thought I would comb through them and create my own version of each.  So here it is, the first ever Pop Theology Fall TV Preview or, rather, the contets to the Pop Theology DVR Box. … [Read more...]


For two weeks during the summer, I took a course on American slavery and the Holocaust.  Talk about summer time fun time!  From the start, we sought to avoid "invidious comparisons" between the two events that would eternally debate who suffered more or which event was more horrific.  Instead, we looked at issues of race, power, economics, and evil in an attempt to understand how events like these could happen and how ordinary people could collude with such extraordinarily evil circumstances. Th … [Read more...]

You May Not Have Known His Name…

But you knew his voice...Film lovers around the world mourn the passing of legendary voice over talent Don LaFontaine. Read more for a link to the story and check out the featured video to the right for a featurette about his work. … [Read more...]


A host of Jesus films focus specifically on the titular character. The ways in which they do so, however, differ drastically. Emphasizing different gospel narratives, showing or avoiding miracles, casting, location...all of these choices affect the cinematic interpretation of Jesus. Other films focus on supporting characters in the Jesus story and feature Jesus as a supporting cast member, to a greater or lesser degree. These films often explore and develop these characters, ranging from the … [Read more...]