We Finally Get to Watch…

In 1962, legendary film producer Dino de Laurentiis announced his plans to create a cinematic phenomenon, a multi-million dollar, multi-director, ten-hour production of the Bible with highlights from the Old and New Testaments.  His efforts resulted in one director, John Huston, and the first twenty-two chapters of Genesis for the film The Bible...In the Beginning (1966).  While Watchmen (the legendary comic book series from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons) is not The Bible, it holds something of s … [Read more...]

Sanctuary Cinema: A Review

The contemporary state of affairs between Hollywood and the Christian church betrays a complex history that entails cooperation, appropriation, and rejection. Speaking broadly, the church today, and for quite some time, has leaned towards the latter, taking a highly critical approach to the perceived encroaching secularism of Hollywood. However, with the advent of cinema, nearly every Christian denomination recognized the (potential) value of motion pictures and even invested in their own … [Read more...]

To Serve and Protect…

I wish that more Oscar-nominated films released to DVD before the program airs.  It can be difficult, and not a little expensive, to see them all in the theaters.  I am glad that Changeling released on DVD this week so that I could catch Angelina Jolie's Oscar-nominated performance for best lead actress.  While this category seems like a tight race and Jolie is a worthy nominee, I found myself totally engrossed in one of the most haunting films of last year, rather than being particularly en … [Read more...]

New On DVD Today

Two films that deal with religion in different ways release today.  You can laugh, cry, or scream at Bill Maher's documentary, Religulous, one of my top spiritual films of 2008. You can also catch Angelina Jolie's Oscar-nominated performance in Changeling.  Also of note in the latter is John Malcovich's performance as a minister, The Rev. Gustav Briegleb, who assists in helping Jolie's character, Christine Collins, find her son and expose corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department. … [Read more...]

Equus: A Review

Richard Lindsay gives us another great review, but this time, he takes us to Broadway with the revival of Equus.  Sounds like anyone living in/near New York City or planning a vacation should definitely see this. … [Read more...]

Mary, Mother of Christ!

Last week, more reports started to circle around about the upcoming film Mary, Mother of Christ.  Most recently, the filmmakers announced that they had cast Camilla Belle (Push and 10,000 BC) to play Mary.  Word is that Peter O'Toole and Jonathan Rhys Meyers have already been cast and that the filmmakers hope to add both Al Pacino and Jessica Lange to the cast with Pacino as Herod (he's got a long way to go to top Frank Thring)...but something tells me that he won't be convinced to play it e … [Read more...]

He's Baaaack…

Annual Pop Theology contributor Ernest Myers graces us with his presence once again with his Top 10 Television Shows of 2008.  It might be an easy way out, but I like the ending... … [Read more...]

Top 10 Spiritually Significant Films of 2008

Before 2009 gets any older, I thought I'd better look back over the films that I saw in 2008 (or that were released in 2008) to construct my top 10 list of spiritually significant films.  You'll notice some potential glaring absences:  I assume that Doubt and Revolutionary Road might have made the list, but at this point, I have been unable to make it to the theaters to see them.  This isn't necessarily a list of my favorite films of the year or ones that I felt were the best, although a few of t … [Read more...]