Creative Gaming

Thankfully, in the recent publication, Halos and Avatars:  Playing Video Games With God, editor Craig Detweiler and his contributors forego the well-worn arguments of whether or not video games promote violence and take a deeper look at their theological and spiritual potential.  A Belgian film, Ben X, reveals such potential while continuing to raise questions about video games as violence-inducing or as a location to vent pent-up violence. … [Read more...]

Now That's the Truth

As far as pop-culture creations are concerned, The Wire is pretty much unbeatable across a number of genres.  Most critics worth their salt argue that it is, and will likely remain, the greatest television series in the history of the medium.  We've yet to see the end of, much less a beginning to, the creative responses that it will likely engender from imitation series to collections of essays and articles about the series cultural impact.  Thus far, the greatest response has been The Wire:  Tru … [Read more...]

In Defense of AVATAR: Or Why Mark Driscoll Just Doesn't Get It

Yesterday, a friend directed me to an article about a recent sermon by Mark Driscoll (pastor of Mars Hill Church) in which he called Avatar  "the most demonic, satanic film I've ever seen."  Check out my response after the jump. … [Read more...]

Shut Out the Past

Martin Scorsese has provided us with some of the most memorable films, and moments, in the history of cinema, many of which demand multiple viewings.  While his latest film, Shutter Island, is not one of those historical classics, it is by no means a disappointment, thanks in large part to an engrossing story by Dennis Lehane. … [Read more...]

Hauntingly Beautiful

Our newest Pop Theology contributor, Jessica Margrave Schirm (read more about her on the Contributors page), reviews the recent novel, Bloodroot, after the jump. … [Read more...]

LOST Deserves Better

In the latest version of "The Gospel According to 'Insert-Pop-Culture-Creation-Here,'" Chris Seay turns his attention to Lost.  Unfortunately, the book isn't nearly as compelling as the series itself.  Moreover, it left me questioning the supposed brilliance of the series itself. … [Read more...]

A Pop Theology Conversation with Craig Detweiler

This afternoon, I connected with Craig Detweiler over Skype to talk about his latest book, Halos and Avatars:  Playing Video Games with God.  The book is a must read and this video is a must watch.  Check it out after the jump.  Also, I think I've talked him into attending Theology After Google, so if you can make it...go! … [Read more...]

Is God a Gamer?

Theology and popular culture is an ever-growing field with numerous implications for both the church and academia.  Churches and professors have embraced the theological/religious/spiritual implications of film, television, and popular culture.  However, one of the most popular components of popular culture, video games, have yet to come under exploration for their theological/religious/spiritual implications.  Until now.  In his latest book, Halos and Avatars:  Playing Video Games With God, Crai … [Read more...]