Dinosaur Easter Podcast and Links

[I don’t have a dinosaur, so here is a tiny dragon.]

Having failed to get to the dinosaurs last time, we tackle them with enthusiasm and joy this week. Forty minutes of great listening, “about the community, for the children.” That’s our new tagline. Seriously, this podcasting effort reaches new heights and I can’t think of a single reason you’d want to miss it.

Here’s the video.

I almost feel like that’s sufficient but if you have room for more, here are just a few links.

Oh look, archeologists forget to read the bible.

I’ve been listening to this person sing and everytime find myself weeping.

This was quite interesting.

Best pictures of the week.

It’s Easter so it would probably fine to eat this.

This is really funny.

Here is an excellent sermon, and class.

And now I will go stare out at the rain. Have fun running from dinosaurs and bad preaching.







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