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Good morning from bright, hot, humid Binghamton. Determined to enjoy the heat to the uttermost by listening to the children complain while hanging limply over the furniture. We woke up late and gathered our wits to podcast about having to fly, WOW Air, the World Cup, the Episcopal Church Convention, child rearing, the new Supreme Court judge nominee, what Africa has that America doesn’t, and poverty. It’s probably Epic, at least for this week.

Let me see, do I have any links….

My mother wrote this excellent piece.

I enjoyed this.

This was fascinating and reminded me of so much that I’ve heard from Bible translators.

You should be reading Julia’s music blog.

Summer wrote about leaving TEC.

Can’t remember if I linked this, but it’s brilliant. Melanie explains why that Chris Pratt clip was so effective.

This is dreamy.

This is funny.

This looks delicious.

Here is an excellent sermon and a helpful and instructive class.

And that’s all I’ve got. Have a lovely Monday!




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