Explaining Food Choices Without Sounding Sanctimonious

Grateful to D.L. Mayfield for this lovely review of my book at Renew & Sustain:

…how do I explain to my friends and neighbors why I shop at the co-op? Why I spend $5-7 dollars a pound on meat now (and subsequently, eat a lot less meat than before). How do I explain that I am doing this out of love for God, our world, and for them? That I feel like every dollar invested in local agriculture and economy will help my low-income neighbors in a myriad of ways? That I feel, almost to the point of desperation, that the way modern consumers live their lives is terribly destructive, unhealthy, and due to the ever-higher price of oil, destined to end soon?

It’s hard to communicate all this, without sounding sanctimonious, paranoid, or decidedly middle class. And it’s also hard to explain why I believe other people should care about their food choices, as we are all impacted by the same system.

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