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Lawrence Krauss talking about nothing.

I have been in the audience a few times listening to this man explain nothing. In one speech, he explained nothing four times, because [he said] the subject tends to confuse the laity, and sometimes even confuses other scientists. When he said that, my son and I looked at each other said quite confidently that we were confused by nothing, and that Lawrence Krauss understands nothing. Phrasing it this way was the only way we could comment honestly and still feel good about … [Read more...]

Actually Ken Ham: It’s Great to be an Ape

I was invited by Dallas's Fellowship of Freethought to speak about creationism with the Mister Ra. Aron spoke about his disappointment at Ham's response about wisdom teeth not being proof of anything that contradicts the biblical account of Genesis. presentation addressed Ham's vain response that he is made in the image of god, and not an ape as I told him earlier. It is a presentation to show how anyone including Ham can actually know this. If he h … [Read more...]

Support Senator Davis’s Filibuster against Texas SB 5: restricting women’s access to abortion.

It is live streaming now, and she is in trouble. The Texas Senate is deciding if she broke the rules by accepting a back brace from a colleague. If she survives this ruling, she has until midnight to block the vote on SB5. It will most likely give her 2 warnings and she has 3 allowed. Women's rights advocates have blocked this regressive legislation all year, but Gov. Rick Perry is using the summer special session to railroad bills into law. It is estimated that the regulations in this bill will … [Read more...]

a charity to improve Ireland’s mental health

Don't make jokes. I've met most of the guest hosts in person. :-) recently, if I wanted to help promote something like this I would feature it on my channel. But YouTube has made so many 'improvements' that my channel barely exists anymore. It certainly can't be used to feature anyone else's videos on occasion. You will be upgraded or you will be deleted. So I'll just have to promote this charity here. … [Read more...]

Hammering Ham

You know, I'm starting to doubt whether Ken Ham was ever willing to enter into the debate that he said he wanted. He made some plainly false criticisms of my wife, and I posted some corrections below. after I uploaded this video, I saw a comment that someone had posted it to Ken Ham's facebook. The moment I saw that, I went to his facebook to see, but it had already been taken down. That was fast! It seems Ham doesn't want his followers to … [Read more...]

Dennett’s prediction

When I listened to Daniel Dennett give this presentation live, I remember thinking that I wanted to take a handful of his comments and statistics, and put them to music. And while that might still have worked, when I listen to my recording of that speech now, I think it needs to be a bit longer than that, because there is a message there. way I figure it, when he says "in our lifetime", we could estimate that to be about another 25 years or … [Read more...]

TrueEmpiricism (irony alert)

As Darwin once said, "ignorance more often begets confidence than does knowledge".Someone demonstrating Dunning-Kruger syndrome keeps sending me private messages wherein he speaks without knowledge very confidently. I don't even have time just to read all my emails anymore. I certainly can't take the time to personally educate every internet noob who thinks he knows something that every expert forgot to notice. is my list of the faults in … [Read more...]

Houston Atheists’ challenge to Ken Ham

Vic Wang of Houston Atheists explains their standing debate challenge to Ken Ham of answersingenesis. sure to see the end notes.We haven't heard from Mr Ham since Prof Myers PhD threw his gauntlet into the ring alongside mine. … [Read more...]

Atheist goodwill not good enough for some Oklahomans

In the wreckage left behind by recent tornadoes, Oklahoma atheist Rhonda Dorle sought to help her neighbors salvage what they could from what the tornado left behind. She and other atheists volunteered their time, and worked side by side with others regardless of what they believed or didn't. Unfortunately when it was revealed that they were atheists, some Christians refused to keep working with the same people they worked with all day.Regardless of what others may think of what they do, … [Read more...]

Here come the loonies

So now that Ken Ham, president of answersingenesis has acknowledged me, the most extreme whackos on the web are suddenly aware of me too. For example, Conspiracy News accuses me of being a puppet of the Illuminati, which in turn is allegedly controlled by Satan. I find this amusing since neither of those entities apparently exists.That site describes me as a psychopathic mystic, using demonic doctrine to seduce ‘the simple’. I guess that's how they think one gets on the international spe … [Read more...]