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What they or I meant by ‘absolute truth’

It seems that whenever a creationist doesn't understand something I said, they immediately accuse me of lying. It could never be that I'm mistaken, or that they simply don't agree; I have to be deliberately attempting to deceive someone.As if.Religious people have every motivation to lie, not just because they believe something that isn't true, but because their faith requires that they defend that belief even when they know it's not true, and I can show plenty of references to where … [Read more...]

Micro vs Macro – The Creationist’s Selective Acceptance

Last week I did a special after-show recording with David Smalley & Rachel Nanon Brown for the "4th Listeners" about micro-evolution vs macro-evolution on Dogma Debate. I was helping them prep for a Christian who will be joining them next week when I can't be there.  This guy says he accepts micro-evolution, but claims that "macro-evolution has no concrete evidence." That is so irritating.  So in the after show, I help prep Rachel for the typical creationist distortions and non-definitions t … [Read more...]


I can understand how some people think that life had an intelligent designer, because life is intricate, delicate, complex and amazing. But I don't understand how anyone could look at the Bible and think that it had an intelligent designer, because the Bible is a jumbled clusterfuck of atrocious stupidity.For example, I hear an awful lot about how "God" [the Bible] defines a 'proper' marriage, and I have to point out that the Bible doesn't define marriage the way the Religious Right wants to … [Read more...]

Can we agree that an education is a basic human right?

In an information based society, undereducated children are at a disadvantage. Besides a mind is a terrible thing to waste, right? Here is my speech at The Houston Museum of Science hosted by Houston Atheists in defense of accurate science education for everyone. It had a pretty good turnout of 250 which was the capacity of the room. was part of a weekend of anti-creationism activities as a result of Ken Ham's bullying and obdurate … [Read more...]

Underneath it’s all the same love

I was surprised to hear a powerful song on mainstream radio about LGBT rights for one thing. But then the song is also openly anti-religious too. When I thought about it how can a song about how harsh the world is to LGBT people be anything but anti-religious in order to speak the truth?The steady stream of hate coming from the pulpits turns more people away from the church than any advocate of atheism ever could.Same Love Lyricsby Macklemore (bold emphasis mine)[Verse 1: Macklemore] … [Read more...]

Some Insights from Bridgett “Bria” Crutchfield and Alix Jules on being a Black atheist

Recently I had the opportunity to listen to Bridgett "Bria" Crutchfield and Alix Jules tell their stories about growing up in the black community which can be very religious and adjusting to the atheist community. Bridgett asked me during the discussion if I understood what they go through. For video link click on the title. am not satisfied with the answer I gave her. As a person of color, I do understand what it feels like to be the ethnic odd man … [Read more...]

Arguing on Craig’s list

Someone sent me a link to an article on craigslist which I couldn't help but reply to. Sadly there doesn't seem to be any discussion forum that I can follow there, so I'll re-post it here.This article answers a previous post to this forum, one which included the following comment:>"Evolution is accepted without question. Many say that the majority of the>science world accepts it and only a moron would not endorse it. I heard one>person speak and say that some animal … [Read more...]

I can’t believe I shook Eric Hovind’s hand

I also thanked him for being polite, while he interviewed the group. Evolution supporters had gathered to demonstrate in Houston against creationism being taught as science. I consented to Hovind interviewing me on the condition he didn't cut the video. However, he weaseled out of his promise by posting the entire interview and then cutting my part of the interview in a separate video in such a way to make it look like I was saying something I wasn't.This is the cut interview (click on the … [Read more...]

It’s projecting again!

Houston creationist, David Shormann likes to be the villain but play the victim at the same time. In his blog, he proves he is a primate by flinging poo even when it will not stick. When he failed to convince anyone that I was a potentially violent anti-semitic neo-nazi, he decided to call me a racist clansman next. That's ironic because the KKK is a Christian organization which is in no way similar to anything I ever said, did, believed, or thought about.But then Shormann is one of those … [Read more...]