Kids’ Adventure “Ice Dragon” His Theaters As Fathom Event

Kids’ Adventure “Ice Dragon” His Theaters As Fathom Event March 19, 2018

Children’s entertainment continues to be a big draw in theaters and this week a new feature will be among the first faith-based animated Fathom presentations.

Ice Dragon premiers this week as a Fathom presentation. Image courtesy of About Chelsea Road Productions.

Premiering in 800+ theaters on March 24 and 26, Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies is the first of a planned trilogy by director and producer Bruce Stacey (“God Rocks!,” “Journey To Christmas”). The story follows a young girl, Melody, and she and her friend fight a menacing dragon and an eternal winter.

Stacey originally wrote the story for his children as an allegory about communism while living in Russia 25 years ago.

Ice Dragon premiers this week as a Fathom presentation. Image courtesy of About Chelsea Road Productions.

“Communism was like an endless winter storm,” he said. “It had come to the country and people had forgotten what it was like to live in sunshine and hope.”

In the story, a song, which represented the Word of God, villagers had long forgotten became the key to bringing back the warm summer sun. He also used the idea of blue daisies, which do not exist, as a magical flower, a symbol of hope for the people and “their faith in God.”

Stacey shared the original story with his children and some others in Russia through an interpreter. Years later, he developed it into an animated feature that he screened for the Cineplex theater chain in Canada, which led to an agreement with Fathom, Regal and AMC.

Ice Dragon Producer/Director Bruce Stacey. Image courtesy of Rogers and Cowan.

“It’s as big a surprise to me that a short story that began for my kids could unravel into something like this,” he said.

Children are embracing the story and understanding the allegory. As it has prescreened, Stacey said, “They get it. The conversations that happen afterward are always interesting.”

The presentation will also include twenty minutes of bonus material, including the Ice Dragon After Party Chill, featuring interviews and comments from children about the film.

“There’s not a lot of opportunities for families to share a fun and meaningful spiritual experience these days,” Stacey added. “It doesn’t happen very often, so that’s my bottom-line hope for this.”

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


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