Pacific Rim Uprising, the sequel to the hit science fiction film, is arriving in theaters March 23 and as part of its massive promotion, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures launched a contest offering two fans a chance to appear in the film. Competitors for the two spots will be chosen based on their submissions (cosplay, fan art, essays, and more) and will be flown to Los Angeles to appear in a Hall of Heroes segment of the film. Ten runners-up… Read more

Gina Rodriguez, currently best known as Jane Villanueva on the hit CW TV show Jane the Virgin, portrays Mary, the mother of Jesus in the new Sony Animation/AFFIRM Films release, The Star. The animated film tells the story of the birth of Christ in a unique way, by focusing on talking animals surrounding the holy family, and their adventures outrunning the arms of Herod. Read more

A first look trailer and images have been released for the upcoming biblical drama, Paul, Apostle of Christ, starring Jim Caviezel as Luke and James Faulkner as Paul. AFFIRM Films, a Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) company, in association with Giving Films, presents an ODB production in association with Mandalay Pictures. Filmed in Malta, the film is produced by David Zelon (Soul Surfer) and T.J. Berden (Full of Grace). Executive Producers are Rick Jackson, Harrison Powell and Eric Groth. Read more

Timothy Reckart is the director of the new Sony Animation/AFFIRM Films release, The Star, arriving in theaters on Friday. The Nativity-themed movie is his first full-length theatrical release, following the 2012 short film Head Over Heels, which was nominated for an Academy Award. Read more

Zachary Levi is getting pretty adept at playing reluctant heroes. Following turns as an ordinary man-turned secret agent in Chuck and a criminal who falls in love with a princess in Tangled, the Louisiana-born actor steps into the sandals of Joseph, a young Jewish man engaged to marry Mary, the mother of Jesus, when his world gets turned upside down. While sometimes a quiet member of the holy family, The Star, releasing this week from Sony Animation/AFFIRM Films, gives the biblical father an opportunity to shine. Read more

A film populated with talking animals, it features plenty of comedic and light-hearted moments, such as Dave’s distracting dance moves and the engaging banter between the three camels. At the same time, with the birth of Christ drawing near and unfolding before the characters’ eyes, there are scenes that are extremely touching, especially when accompanied by songs from a soundtrack of classic and modern Christmas songs. Read more

Roadside Attractions and LD Entertainment have released the trailer for the upcoming film Forever My Girl, a country music-themed romantic comedy releasing January 19. Written and directed by Bethany Ashton Wolf based upon the novel by Heidi McLaughlin, the film stars Alex Roe, Jessica Rothe, Abby Ryder Fortson, Travis Tritt, Judith Hoag and John Benjamin Hickey. Read more

During a press junket for his Nov. 22 film, Roman J. Israel, Esq., Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington boldly shared his Christian faith to a roundtable of faith-based media, including Reel Faith’s DeWayne Hamby. The actor, joined by writer-director Dan Gilroy, also a believer, discussed lessons from the life of the fictional title character. Washington also shared some life-changing words his mother spoke to him in recent years: Read more

“Everybody has a price,” were the words echoing through arenas when the ‘Million Dollar Man,’ Ted DiBiase, wrestled on the highly popular wrestling events and television shows for WWE and the WWF. As he portrayed the money-grubbing villain, the young man born in Miami, Florida, was also experiencing the seduction of the limelight and all that went with it. Read more

Kathie Lee Gifford, singer, actress, and Emmy award-winning host of the fourth hour of NBC’s TODAY show, has spent more than 40 years entertaining audiences and sharing her Christian faith. In 2015, following the loss of her husband, celebrated NFL football player and sports commentator Frank Gifford, she spoke about his passing and deep Christian faith on TODAY, an emotional tribute that went viral with more than 15 million views. Read more

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