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Progressive Christianity

What is Progressive Christianity? For me, it is a form of Christianity which tries to do justice to the following: 1) Christianity has naturally (if not consistently) historically stood for those values that bear the label “progressive” or “liberal”: racial equality, social justice, poverty, inclusiveness, and so on. 2) To be a Christian at all, [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (P. Z. Myers)

“I do not peddle atheism in the classroom, and am actually very careful, since I am a vocal atheist in the blogosphere, to reassure my students that apostasy is not required to get an “A” in my classes, and that they are free to hold whatever religious beliefs they want — the biology classroom is [Read More…]

Firefox Expelled?

My last post featuring Expelled! The Video Game uses Java to allow the game to be played directly on the page if you have Java installed. If you don’t and you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you just see a box with a red x. Someone recently told me that on Firefox this crashes the browser [Read More…]

Expelled! The Video Game

Pseudoscience needs the support of a video game to really flourish. Following on the great success of our Michael Behe vs. the Mousetrap game, we’ve now added a new addition to our products: Expelled! The Video Game. Ben Stein is the wizard trying to defend his movie theater of hocus pocus from intruding scientists. Use [Read More…]

Around the Blogosphere

Metacatholic discusses the words attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John and their implications for C. S. Lewis’ famous ‘trilemma’. Thoughts in a Haystack highlights an insightful article about fundamentalism. Jim West also did so. Henry Neufeld gives a wonderful summary of why there is nothing appealing about seeing the movie Expelled!. Matt discusses [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (James Rowe Adams)

“I don’t think we can describe God in any way. Human saying that God exists is to me a nonsense statement. That would mean that God is somehow confined within our intellectual capacities. The only thing we can do is say we have experiences and talk about some of those experiences by using God language. [Read More…]

Democralypse Now

A clip from Stephen Colbert’s Democralypse Now has been shared on the Commonweal blog. It offers an entertaining view of the relationship between presidential candidates and controversial preachers. [Read more…]

Reviews of Michael Behe’s The Edge of Evolution

Yesterday I mentioned Stephen Webb’s review of Behe’s The Edge of Evolution for Christianity Today‘s web site. A while back I wrote a review of Behe’s book on this blog, which I also posted at, where it also led to some discussion. I also addressed the old “monkeys with typewriters” illustration, emphasizing that to [Read More…]

Fixed Earth: Setting the Record Straight

Jim West pointed out to me a web site called Fixed Earth, defending geocentrism from its opponents (who range from NASA to Madonna, apparently). It nicely illustrates that there are positions that are far more “literalistic” in their approach to the Bible, and thus far more ridiculous, but it is helpful to be able to [Read More…]

Stephen Webb on Michael Behe

Thanks to The Panda’s Thumb for drawing attention to Stephen Webb’s review of Michael Behe’s latest book for the Christianity Today web site. I know Stephen, and thus hope that the comment I left (reproduced immediately below) is taken in the spirit of dialogue with which it is offered: Stephen, you know I like you [Read More…]