Send Your Personal Data To A Senator…In Hong Kong

This phishing attempt had no “Dear Sir or Madam”, no introductory line. Just a request for personal information and the claim that one would be sent an ATM card that has a large cash line behind it.

Why would a random senator send you such a thing? Why would the senator have a Hong Kong e-mail address?

If you arrived here because you were checking the validity of an e-mail like this which you received, you shouldn’t need me to tell you it is a hoax. Just use your brain! Think about it and you can figure it out for yourself…


This is to officially inform you that ATM Card with a fund worth $6.8
Million Dollars has been accredited in your favor, Please Contact Mrs.
Linda Hill ( With the following,
Full Name:
Delivery Address:
Phone Number:

Best Regards.
Senator David Mark.

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