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We had a bad thunderstorm pass through Indianapolis yesterday, and there’s a power line down in my back yard. If I blog, it will be from the office (where I came this morning not first and foremost to blog, but to move the contents of our freezer into our nice new empty office fridge’s freezer).

There’s a lot of discussion of LOST around the blogosphere (and presumably in lots of places). Bob Cornwall has blogged about the rise and fall of Jeremy Bentham and more on LOST and Jeremy Bentham. The idea of a panopticon, a prison in which prisoners are observed without knowing they are being observed, ties in to something I realized after the season finale. The whispers that have been around since the show’s beginning clearly in the finale preceded a stealth attack by the Others. Perhaps the best explanation of what is going on is that the Others (at least, the original inhabitants of the island who are among them) are able to go into the future and thus seem to appear out of nowhere, observing what people are doing and then suddenly showing up. The ghostly whispers are the sound of them moving through time into the present.
When the island vanished, it was not because it moved in space but because it moved ahead in time (remember the rabbit that was sent to the future in the Orchid Station video). It only appeared to vanish. Perhaps the original inhabitants of the island have the ability to do that too, and it is only to move the whole island that a more drastic procedure is involved.
Carmen Andres has been LOST in thoughts of community, while Ken Brown has been thinking about sacrifice and selfishness on LOST. The show must intend to raise these issues of ethics, morality, and interpersonal relationships, since the name John Locke, and his alias Jeremy Bentham, both are taken from historic moral philosophers (Evolving Thoughts discusses that other John Locke). See too Matthew Gilbert’s piece in the Boston Globe about LOST (HT SF Signal). IO9 has other thoughts on the finale, and real fans will want to see the alternate endings that were shot to keep the actual ending a secret.
There’s also a special report on the Singularity, and Ian McEwan on the end-times mentality (also here). John Pieret finds another instance of creationist reality that looks like a parody. Larry Moran comments on the AAAS statement that religion and science are compatible. Vridar continues discussing Craig Evans’ Fabricating Jesus. And last but not least, Ken Schenck has a guest post on monotheism (oh how I wish my book on the subject was out already!).
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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08014885672703727636 Ken Brown

    Your theory about the voices is interesting, but remember that Michael also heard them right before the boat exploded. Does that disprove the theory, or might it instead mean that they arrived then too (perhaps taking Michael off the boat?). Or perhaps the voices indicate that they are watching to see what will happen, not that they are about to appear (physically). I bet you’re right about the island moving in time as the bunnies did, but that doesn’t rule out movement in space as well. Ben was moved in space, and if the island did not, why is it so hard to find?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18389217429076782773 Steve

    I think you’re onto something with the idea of “the others” appearing from a different point in time. That would explain why Richard Alpert’s ageless quality (or maybe it’s the eye makeup).BTW, after seeing your name bandied about several blogs (like underverse), I am glad to find you and discover that you’re a Lost fan.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16611988330284931136 Carmen Andres

    i’ve been thinking about christian’s appearance to michael as well – and wondering the same: did they “move” michael and jin off the boat before the explosion? most of the time on LOST, we see people die (their actual bodies) but not so with these two – it was off-stage. makes me wonder . . .

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15381935612631976494 AnneDroid

    I’m excited by my discovery of this blog and this post in particular. It is only this past week I first heard of Bentham and his panopticon prisons (I blogged about them on both 23 and 24 May) and now I, an ardent Lost fan, now discover Bentham-Meets-Lost. How spooky! I look forward to seeing the end of the series, which I’ve not seen yet, though now have a fair idea what happens!