For The Bible Tells Me So

There isn’t too much I want to say about the movie I am watching as I write this, For The Bible Tells Me So, apart from this: Watch it. It addresses the roots of homophobia, the Bible and how it relates to homosexuality, and the damage that parents in particular can do if they respond in the wrong way to their child who comes out to them. It addresses the science, the radical ways marriage between men and women today in our society differs from “Biblical marriage”.

Perhaps most poignant is the perspective of a mother who raised her children according to the teachings of James Dobson. Her daughter killed herself. Another family has a more positive story, but when they tried to confront James Dobson with how they focused on their family, they were threatened with arrest for trespassing.

Watch the movie. For more information, try TEACH Ministries, Soulforce, and Would Jesus Discriminate?. If you are a gay person who came here looking for help, try those sites, but most importantly, don’t let a bunch of heterosexuals who never chose to be the way they are tell you that God supposedly doesn’t accept you for something you know you didn’t choose either. And don’t just assume that the loud, shouting voices you hear are the ones who really speak for God or Christianity.

This is a decisive moment for Christianity. I can understand how it is that many people are still persuaded that including homosexuals in the church is a mistaken understanding of Christianity. But what seems impossible to understand is how can so many fundamentalists can not be persuaded that the terrorizing, threatening, bullying and killing of people who are different than them, who are sinners in their eyes, is far more antithetical to Christianity than anything to do with sex could ever be?

Here are clips from Mel White and Susan Sparks, who also appear in the documentary:

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  • Bob MacDonald

    James – thanks. You may also be aware of Trembling before G-d and Jihad for Love, two films by Sandi Dubowski.This short film by Rabbi Stephen Greenberg is a word of God heard.

  • Steve

    This film is in our Netflix queue, and I am eager to see it. I agree that this is a decisive moment for Christianity, and the decision is looming for those of us in California (where an initiative to amend the constitution to ban same-sex marriage will be on the ballot in November). Many Christians seem to be rethinking this issue, which is a hopeful sign.